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Tree Felling

Experienced Tree Felling

Tree Felling:

Tree Felling is cutting the tree at the base to cause to fall in a desired direction. This is an extremely dangerous form of tree removal. Someone with inexperience felling trees can cause the tree to fall the wrong way. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, a tree that looks as though it would be easy to fell, can be weighted in a direction that an inexperienced feller might not notice.

Timber Works only hires the top talent and even with our experienced crew we individually train each crew member until they are ready to go on their own. Even though Timber Works has been in this industry for over a decade we keep updated Insurance and Workman’s Comp to completely protect the homeowner and our employees in case of an accident.

When hiring a tree service make sure they have all the proper insurances, or you could be liable for more then just the damage.

Cost Effective:

Timber Works offers all kinds of tree removal including: Crane Removal, bucket Truck (Cherry Picker) Removal, Tree Cutting, Tree felling, or climbing removal. We offer all of these types of removal to best support our client’s budget, property, and surrounding landscape.

If you need a tree Felled or removed, call Timber Works Tree Care, the Leaders of Quality Tree Service.

About Us

Here at Timber Works Tree Care, we care about our customers, your trees, and your property. Each job is a chance to show you our great attitudes, strong work ethic, and a desire to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations!

We treat every client and co-worker with respect and professionalism

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