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Gainesville Brush Clearing

Land and Brush Clearing Service

How to Clear Brush:

Whether small trees, overgrown invasives, thick brush, or brambles; Brush Clearing is the way to go! With our Forestry Mulcher, our Gainesville team can clear large areas of trees and brush in a fast and cost-effective way!

Why Forestry Mulch Instead of Clearing Brush by Hand?

While clearing brush by hand can take countless hours and time, our mulcher can mulch about an acre a day for just $ 3,000! Check out our video of some large trees and brush being mulched, this big property is mulched in less than a day using forestry mulching!



Land and Brush Clearing Service:

Brush clearing will take your invasive plants that are killing your trees and turn them into mulch that will actually provide nutrients for your trees!

Other Uses for brush clearing:

  1. Fire prevention: If you are worried about your overgrown invasives and mismanaged brush in the woods, brush mulching can be great for clearing brush in small areas. 
  2. Preventing hazardous trees: Our Forestry Technicians can work their way around the healthy trees and only mulch the brush and dying trees. 
  3. Clearing Overgrown areas: If you are tires of hiring someone ever year to clean up overgrown brush, try forestry mulching and keep the property clear!

3 steps for clearing your property:

    1. Fill out our contact form!
        • Request a free estimate from Timber Works tree care and you will receive a quick email response to provide you with a date and time that fits your schedule to have one of our expert arborists come out and assess your property!
    2. Receive a written Quote:
        • After our Tree Care Advisor assesses your property, they will send you a formal emailed proposal with all of the details.
        • This Quote will express the exact price and the exact work description of what is to be done on your property, along with any recommendations you may need. The quote you receive is what our Forestry Technicians use to clear your property!
    3. Schedule the job:
        • After receiving the Quote and reviewing it, you can accept it online and you will receive an email from our office shortly afterward to schedule you for your brush and land clearing job!

What to expect after your brush clearing is complete?

After Mulching, the trees become a course wood mulch and biodegrade back into the soil over time. The mulch left on the ground also acts as erosion control until the grass takes root and grows.

Best time for Brush Clearing?

Brush clearing can be done anytime!

    1. Winter: Winter is a great time of the year for Brush clearing! During the winter, the trees become more dormant, causing the trees to be easier to be mulched! 
    2. Spring: During the Spring season, it is great to clear all the unwanted brush and trees that have started to overfill your property! 
    3. Summer: Summer is the best time for all of your home maintenance and yard projects. 
    4. Fall: If you are worried about any unsafe or hazardous trees on your property, fall is popular for mulching and tree removal before the heavy Winter storms and winds cause trees to be blown down and hurt your property.

Weather is not a factor when it comes to Brush and Land Clearing. There are benefits for each season for each homeowner. Figure out which season is best for you!

Our quotes last 1 year, so get a free estimate anytime and our expert arborist can recommend the best time of year for you!

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