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Tree Services In Middletown VA

Tree Services

Leaning trees, dangerous branches, pesky stumps, and yard obstructions are not pleasant in the slightest. At Timber Works, we specialize in a variety of tree services so that you and your family can live your lives more comfortably. We understand that everyone has different needs and lives under different circumstances so regardless if your tree service needs are cosmetic or safety based we have your back. Learn more about our tree services in Middletown VA.

Tree Removal

There are many different reasons to get a tree removed. Some customers love their home but would like their property to be more open or let in more light. For these customers we provide detailed and delicate work to ensure a happy customer. Other customers require much quicker action to remove a tree which is leaning in a dangerous direction. Regardless of the situation, tree removal services provided by Timber Works guarantees satisfaction. Learn more about our tree removal services in Middletown VA.

Tree Trimming

Does the trees on your property have minds of their own? Trees don’t often think about where they are stretching their branches and how they might affect you. Because of this you can get branches of all sizes falling all over your property and thats no good. At Timber Works Tree Care, we take you into consideration and help you tame your trees with our first class tree trimming service. We will trim your trees with care and respect for your property. Learn more about our tree trimming services in Middletown Va.

Tree Maintenance

Do you love the trees on your property but they have seen better days? At Timber Works, we know that people treasure their yards and don’t want trees with dying branches polluting it. Tree maintenance is a service that can rejuvenate your trees and bring beauty back to your yard. Timber Works takes pride in helping homeowners transform their Middletown landscape into an area they can be proud of. Learn more about our tree maintenance services in Middletown VA.

Stump Removal

Removing down, dead, or leaning trees can be a complicated but pain free process. However, stumps are big, have deep roots, and are often surrounded by hard rock infused dirt. This makes removing stumps a hard and tedious process. Fortunately our professionals at Timber Works have years of experience and state of the art equipment at their finger tips to rip stumps from the ground. Trust our team to do the dirty work for you and your family. Learn more about our stump removal services in Middletown VA.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding, much like stump removal, levels the ground after eliminating a stump. Stump grinding is different from stump removal because instead of removing the whole stump from the ground it simply grinds down the surface of the stump until it is completely level with the ground. This is a cheaper option of leveling the ground where trees once were but both removal and grinding have their own benefits. Our team will help you deal with your stumps in the way that best fits your situation. Learn more about our stump grinding services in Middletown VA.

Land Clearing

Residents of Middletown want to use their land and we agree. Often times homes are awkwardly placed on a plot of land that offers some acreage but not a lot of usable land. One way to get access to your property is to clear it of overgrowth and misplaced trees. At Timber Works Tree Care, we offer a top tier land clearing service that will open up your yard and give you more usable real estate. Learn more about our Land Clearing services in Middletown VA.


We offer firewood production and delivery services for those clients who burn wood to heat their house and or stove. For deliveries we also offer stacking services which make the organization of your wood pile substantially better. At Timber Works we try to be as sustainable as possible by making our services as efficient as they can be. Learn more about our Firewood delivery services in Middletown.

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is quickly becoming the more popular option for land clearing. Forestry mulching utilizes a single machine to carefully cut, grind, and clear out vegetation from a designated area or property which keeps the soil stable from erosion and has shown significant results in property health. At Timber Works Tree Care, we offer a top tier Forestry Mulching service that will open up your yard and give you more usable real estate. Learn more about our Forestry Mulching services in Middletown VA.

Brush Clearing

Whether your yard has small trees, overgrown invasives, thick brush, or brambles, brush clearing is the way to go! Brush clearing will take the invasive plants that are killing your trees and turn them into nutrient rich mulch for your trees. At Timber Works, our professionals can clear large areas of trees and brush in a fast and cost-effective way. Learn more about our Land and Brush Clearing services in Middletown, VA.

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