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Tree Structure Evaluation

Tree structure evaluations with Timber Works
Tree Structure Evaluations in Leesburg VA

What Does a Tree Structure Evaluation Include?

While you can only guess when extreme weather might strike, you can prepare for it: have your trees evaluated to ensure they can withstand the worst conditions. A tree structure evaluation can identify structural weaknesses, which—left unaddressed—could result in a broken branch or falling tree. These evaluations cover many concerns, including:

  • Cracks
  • Splits
  • Weakly Attached Branches
  • Root Problems
  • Symptoms of Decay
  • Saturated Soils
  • Poor Architecture

Why Should You Get a Tree Structure Evaluation?

Structurally unsound trees are dangerous. They can break and fall in windy—or clear—conditions, landing on people, buildings, or cars. Evaluations can help prevent this outcome and, in turn, preclude lawsuits, medical expenses, or extra insurance costs. 

Even young and healthy trees can have structural problems. Young, unpruned trees may develop clustered limbs or crossed branches growing incorrectly. On the other hand, older trees are more susceptible to decay.

As above, you can prevent structural problems in your young trees by having them evaluated from an early age. Doing so allows you to take preventative measures against potential liabilities, particularly with trees that stand close to your home.

Professional tree inspectors can detect structural concerns with a thorough evaluation. Moreover, we can determine what tree care solutions will mitigate the risk of structural threats. Annual or seasonal evaluations ensure that you keep a close eye on your trees’ condition.

Post-Storm Evaluations

While getting a tree evaluation before a storm can prevent tragic outcomes, doing the same afterward can help you to catch damages and wounds to your trees. High winds, torrential rains, and lightning can damage pristine trunks and branches, yet you may not notice any problems from the ground.

Structural evaluations can determine whether storm-damaged trees will survive or require emergency removal. Our priority, as always, is the safety of our customers and their properties. Still, if a Timber Works arborist catches it early enough, a tree wound can be treated and its damage repaired.

What Happens When Structural Concerns are Found?

Tree Structure Evaluations in Leesburg VA

Treatment for structural concerns can include tree trimming, which reduces branch weight and increases wind resistance. Brace rods and cable supports can also help support weak branches. In cases where a significant amount of the tree is structurally compromised, we may suggest tree removal.

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