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Tub Grinding

Timber Works offers tub grinding services by the day, complete with a service team member to operate the grinder for our customers!
Timber Works tub grinding service


What Is a Tub Grinder?

As with horizontal grinders, tub grinders are heavy-duty equipment that reduces wood pallets, tree trunks, stumps, branches, and debris to mulch or green waste. Grinders’ compost product can be used for mulching, disposed of, or even sold as a fertilizing agent.

Different tub grinder models come with or without a cab and loader, on tracks or tires, and are diesel- or electric-powered. Manufacturers also offer bioscreens that allow non-woody natural materials, such as hay, to pass through without degrading their biological value.

How Does a Tub Grinder Work?

Tub grinders, like horizontal grinders, are built around a hammermill that processes wood into compost. The hammermill lies at the bottom of a tub-shaped infeeder—gravity pulls the wood within the infeeder into the hammermill. The compost passes to a screen, which releases appropriately sized materials, and onto a conveyor belt or augers that carry it away from the hammermill. The belt then discharges the reduced product into a pile next to the machine.

In addition to these operations, the tub-shaped infeeder’s walls rotate, allowing an operator to influence the speed that wood materials enter the hammermill. Each model’s size and horsepower determines the device’s capacity and production rate, ranging from dozens to hundreds of yards of materials per day.

The Uses and Benefits of Tub Grinding Services

A tub grinder works well in many tree care and landscaping projects, including:

Again, despite their different names, tub and horizontal grinders perform the same function. Indeed, horizontals are superior to tub grinders because the design of the former—long, narrow, and fed from the side—makes them more suitable for processing protracted debris like tree trunks and branches. Additionally, tub grinders tend to “throw” wood from their infeeder when a piece hits the grinding mechanism just so. This flaw limits tub grinders to use in open land where debris cannot damage structures.

Grinding services offer significant utility for tree removal and site preparation. They can process diseased and infested trees so that afflictions do not spread to healthy ones nearby. Moreover, they relieve tree specialists of the need to remove heavy debris and logs from a work site. Finally, the nutrient-rich byproduct they create can benefit your property’s health.

Timber Works’ Grinding Service

Timber Works tub grinding service

Timber Works rents the cutting-edge Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder to customers. This machine affords unrivaled versatility, as its narrow body can navigate small spaces and tight corners. Also, the 3400XT’s narrow body makes it suitable for urban and suburban areas.

The Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog boasts 800 horsepower, or 596 kW if run on electric power. The internal planetary drive feed system uses neither chains nor sprockets, increasing torque and durability. Additionally, the Morbark Integrated Control Systems automatically adjusts feed rates as well as monitor feed-wheel position and pressures to optimize production and engine efficiency.

Best of all, a trained and experienced Timber Works employee comes with your rental. Whether you are clearing land for construction, cleaning your property, or otherwise, our technician will operate the horizontal grinder for you. 

Call Timber Works at (540) 254-5773 and schedule your grinder rental today!

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