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When it comes to businesses that work primarily outdoors, the first ones that come to mind are construction and landscaping. While the latter has plenty to do with all kinds of plants, including trees, tree care companies perform a more specific line of services. Their focus is on the health and growth of forests and trees.

Timber Works Tree Care is dedicated to helping the forests of Northern Virginia continue to grow healthily and plentifully in the future. We are one of the most experienced tree service companies in the area, composed of tree care experts with decades of knowledge and skill. Customers throughout Bristow, VA, depend on our quality services in land clearing, tree removal, and more, to keep their properties safe and free of potentially harmful trees. 

Below, we discuss in detail what tree companies often do, for their customers as well as for their community: 

  1. Identify Pest and Disease Infestations

Among the primary services that tree care companies provide are their expertise in identifying whether one or a number of trees within a landscape are suffering from an infestation

Tree infestations, whether they are due to pests or disease, means that the forests are in danger of dying, and the surrounding ecosystem is in danger of falling into disarray due to the effects of massive tree death

Tree care companies are often hired by the government, as well as by private home and property owners, to prevent or eliminate infestations in order to protect the environment. 

The Virginia Department of Forestry has provided a list of diseases and insects that have been causing trouble for several different plant species. One serious example is the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, which has endangered ash trees and forests across Northern Virginia and a large portion of the US. 

Companies, like Timber Works Tree Care, do everything they can to protect our forests from such infestations before they create a strain on the surrounding environment. 

  1. Perform Precise and Efficient Tree Removal

On top of identifying infestations, tree care providers also perform the unfortunate but necessary work of removing trees from all kinds of landscapes. The reasons for doing so vary greatly. 

Sometimes, a homeowner would like to clear space in their yard by removing a few trees. Another resident may have noticed their trees dying due to an infestation of tree-killing insects and will need them removed before the insects spread to other parts of the landscape. 

In any case, tree care workers are able to remove trees of almost any size and transport them from the land or property. They use the best possible equipment for the job and are experienced enough to use the right techniques that will ensure the trees are safely and efficiently removed. 

  1. Clear Land for Homeowners and Developers

Another service that tree care companies provide is organized land clearing, which is a vital service for home building, construction, and land development, especially in heavily-forested areas like the state of Virginia. 

Land clearing involves tree care experts removing all unwanted trees from a given lot. Then, they clear away any brambles and thickets of vegetation, as well as grinding away leftover stumps. In some cases, when large areas of forest are found to be infested, tree service companies are appointed to clear out the trees to prevent the spread of the infestation. 

  1. Forestry Mulching to Improve Soil Quality & Prevent Erosion

Alongside land clearing is forestry mulching, which is a great way to prevent invasive species from taking over your trees and property. It acts as a biomass to breakdown and improve soil quality as well as control erosion. Not only is it beneficial, but it is a cost-effective and low impact land clearing option.

If you would like to create a trail, our team has the experience and certifications to use the proper mulching equipment to eliminate trees or brush from your property.

Timber Works: Reputable Tree Service Companies in Bristow, VA

Tree care companies perform important services for homeowners, city planners, local and state governments, as well as for the environment. At Timber Works Tree Care, we seek to protect and maintain the growth of Virginia’s natural beauty. That is why we perform the best practices we can and keep ourselves up to date with the latest concerns in arboriculture. 

We are also one of the best expert tree service companies in Bristow, VA, as we are dedicated to helping our customers maintain the beauty of their landscape and the safety of their home and surrounding ecosystem. 

Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with us today!

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