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A proper land clearing service requires all sorts of heavy equipment. While some people might rent such machinery to try clearing their land themselves, you should hire professional land clearing experts who own and regularly operate their equipment. Doing so ensures your land clearing project is safe and efficient. 

At Timber Works Tree Care, we provide quality tree care services to homeowners and businesses throughout Delaplane, VA, and Northern Virginia. Our team of highly trained tree care experts has extensive experience in a variety of services, from tree removal and trimming to land clearing and forestry mulching. We are prepared to help you tend to your wooded landscape however you see fit. 

Below, we discuss the best equipment to use when clearing land: 

Before Selecting the Best Land Clearing Equipment

Before starting a land clearing project, we first evaluate the target area. Doing so involves surveying the property, determining the dimensions of the worksite, and assessing the surrounding terrain. 

This preparation gives us a sense of how much work the project will require as well as the type of equipment it calls for. We will also establish our entry/exit points and work area so that the project runs smoothly and does not interrupt the property owners. 

With the initial assessment done, we will discuss pricing with the client. 

The Best Equipment for Land Clearing

At Timber Works, we utilize top-of-line equipment for our land clearing projects. Although each project calls for specific machinery, we’ve listed some of the best pieces here: 

Mowers & Mulchers

These machines clear away underbrush and overgrowth that can get in the way of other land clearing activities. A mulcher can grind down dense thickets and small trees, while a mower takes care of high grasses, shrubs, and weeds.

Stump Grinders

As its name suggests, this machine grinds down the stumps left over from felled trees, removing their obstruction of the area.


A bulldozer is necessary to help clear rocky and uneven land. They are especially useful for construction site preparation, as they can dig up topsoil where groundwork will be laid for concrete foundations.

Timber Works Tree Care: Efficient Land Clearing in Delaplane, VA 

Timber Works professionals plan and strategize on the best ways to clear a piece of land depending on its terrain as well as your needs and preferences. This methodical approach to excellent land clearing reflects how we perform all of our services, including forestry mulching, tree trimming, removal, and much more. We have years of experience and a great deal of knowledge in arboriculture, both of which we apply to our work day in and day out. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to find how we can help clear or tend to your wooded land today.

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