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Each part of your landscape should be well-maintained. While most homeowners usually remember to cut and trim their lawns, hedges, and plant beds, many seem to forget their fences. This can create problems if left unaddressed for too long. To ensure that your fences and property remain neat and tidy, hire a professional forestry mulching service or land clearing expert to clear away excessive plant overgrowth. 

Timber Works Tree Care has served numerous homeowners and businesses across Gainesville, VA. In addition to forestry mulching, we also provide tree removal, effective building site preparation, and many more services. Our top-quality tree care is backed by our years of experience in the field. Proper landscape maintenance often includes heavy tree care, so call a team of professionals for assistance in maintaining yours. 

Here, we discuss what you should know about fence line clearing:

What is Fence Line Clearing?

Fence line clearing is the process of removing the weeds, brush, bushes, and thickets of overgrowth that cover your fences. It is careful, meticulous work, as the excess plant material usually grows around and in between both sides of your fence. It requires patience to safely remove that overgrowth without damaging your fences.

Why Get A Fence Line Clearing?

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring professionals to perform a fence line clearing. Here, we list some of the reasons for getting one: 

  • Damage to Your Fence – Plant growth can put a great deal of stress on your fence, wearing down its integrity and eventually causing it to fall apart. 
  • Clearing Up Scenery – There is no denying the beauty of a well-arranged landscape, and part of that is in keeping your fences clear of any excess plant growth. 
  • Safety and Security – While overgrowth along your fence line may provide a nice sense of privacy, it also makes your home vulnerable to being targeted by thieves, as inadequate visibility makes it perfect for them to sneak closer to your house without you or others nearby noticing.

Timber Works Tree Care: Reliable Forestry Mulching in Gainesville, VA

Fence line clearing is an important part of tending to the integrity of your landscape, so make sure it is done at least once a year. Of course, if thickets of vines and brambles have grown too densely, you’ll want it done by a professional to keep your fence intact. That’s why fence line clearing is a part of Timber Works’ extensive forestry mulching and land clearing services. We make it our job to help homeowners and businesses maintain their landscapes, especially through the dangerous and difficult work of tending to large trees and swathes of overgrown land. Our veteran tree care experts are among the best trained in Gainesville, VA, and Northern Virginia, working with years of experience. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 to learn more and schedule a quality forestry mulching service.

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