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Ranchers, farmers, and many landowners face the same problem: a surge of overgrowth across their land. Thickets of shrubs, grasses, and bushes make untended areas inaccessible to you, your livestock, and other inhabitants. Thus, you should get a professional in every other season to perform a pasture reclamation, also known as a forestry mulching service. Doing so will clear your land and allow you to use the reclaimed space as you see fit. 

At Timber Works, we assist our residential and commercial clients across Warrenton, VA, in reclaiming their land through numerous services. We perform quality tree removal, stump grinding, and land clearing along with tree care and overgrowth removal services. Our team is fully equipped, trained, and possesses years of experience to ensure your needs will be met efficiently and correctly with each service. 

Below, we define pasture reclamation, list some reasons it may be needed, and how it is done:  

What is Pasture Reclamation?

As the name suggests, pasture reclamation involves clearing tracts of land on a property so they may be used as pastures. But what are we “reclaiming” these areas from? 

Specifically, the teeming underbrush created by small trees, brambles, grasses, and thickets of shrubs and bushes, all of which accumulate over time. Clearing them calls for mulching the overgrowth to bits. Cleaning the land like so opens it for grazing, growing crops, or easier access to other areas of a property. 

Usually, property owners in need of a pasture reclamation hire experts with the proper skills and equipment to quickly remove the plant overgrowth as well as any trees or stumps in the way.   

Reasons to Get a Professional Pasture Reclamation

Besides regaining your pastureland, there are several reasons for getting a professional to perform a pasture reclamation for you. These include: 

  • Maintaining Your Land – Hiring a professional to mulch overgrown areas on your property comes with the added benefit of having them check the condition of your land. Mulching benefits the topsoil while all the plant matter turns into nutrients for your other plants as well as coverage to protect the soil’s moisture.
  • Less Work at a Lower Cost – The need for a pasture reclamation only comes every so often each year, but the work itself can be rigorous and time-consuming. Plus, the special equipment for mulching large swathes of land is highly expensive. Thus, hiring a professional service once or twice a year serves one best, as it saves you from paying for such equipment. Plus, you have more time for other tasks or for your leisure. 

Timber Works: The Best Forestry Mulching Service in Warrenton, VA

Pasture reclamation is a seasonal necessity for many landowners with large pieces of property. That’s why many of them across Warrenton, VA, call Timber Works Tree Care for expert forestry mulching and thorough land clearing services. Our team has worked for years in the tree care industry, learning the techniques and use of high-grade equipment to become the most efficient and effective tree care experts in the region. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 to learn more and schedule a transformative forestry mulching for your pasture or overgrown property.

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