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There are numerous tree services available for you to choose from when you hire Timber Works Tree Care. Throughout our extensive experience in the tree industry, our team has dealt with all forms of residential and commercial tree care and maintenance. Thus, we are not only a top-notch tree cutting service, but also offer an array of tree care services to cover all your landscape’s needs. 

Timber Works serves residents and businesses across Middleburg, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia, tending to hundreds of tree maintenance needs. We perform simple jobs like tree pruning and stump removal, to larger, more intricate work such as land clearing and building site preparation. Upon hiring us, we begin by discussing your needs and concerns to determine the most appropriate solution for your landscape.

Top 3 Tree Care Services We Offer to Our Customers: 

  • Tree Removal

The most essential service that we provide is safe, efficient tree removal. This is usually done after the landscape has been inspected for any tree-related issues, such as excessive leaning, rotten branches, open cracks or cavities in the trunk, and other such signs that indicate a tree is dead or dying. 

Our team then comes in with precision equipment suited to the appropriate method of removal. Some cases require us to cut down the tree one limb at a time, while others allow for us to cut it all down at once. Either way, we ensure the safety of your property and our team throughout the whole operation.

In addition to removing dead or decaying trees to protect your landscape, we also look for and remove any overgrown trees that might be taking up too much space within a landscape, which can negatively affect the rest of the ecosystem if left unaddressed.

  • Land Clearing

Among the larger-scale services we provide is our comprehensive land clearing service. It involves cutting down trees, shrubs, and other vegetation over a certain area. 

Our team arrives at the site and marks all trees and other vegetation in the area for removal. We bring in heavy-duty equipment to safely cut down and transport the wood and organic material, leaving an open, clear area. 

Land clearing not only prepares a site for construction but is also an excellent way to clear up more of your residential property to expand your backyard or prepare for an addition to your home. For many, it allows space for a deck or patio or other hardscape constructions.

  • Forestry Mulching

Finally, one of our most significant services is our thorough forestry mulching. This form of land clearing involves clearing out small trees and thickets of overgrowth within a landscape, clearing away all excess vegetation for easier landscaping maintenance and a tidier appearance.

For this service, we use a mulching machine and sweep around your landscape. This method produces a cleaner and more accessible landscape, and you’ll also have a fine layer of organic mulch to distribute amongst the trees and plants in your landscape to help further their growth. 

An additional service that stems from our forestry mulching is trail creation. In essence, using the same equipment allows us to produce clear, open trails through the forests and foliage within a property, allowing for visitors and occupants to walk around and traverse the area freely. We’ve done this for many homeowners, businesses, and park services over the years, making us experts in the process.

Timber Works: Exceptional Tree Cutting Service in Middleburg, VA

These are just some of the many services we provide to customers throughout Northern Virginia. At Timber Works, we dedicate ourselves to a high standard of training and expertise to meet our clients’ needs, which can be many in well-forested areas like Middleburg, VA. We assist businesses with services such as land clearing and forestry mulching, as well as residents through our expert tree cutting service and so much more. Looking to maintain a healthy landscape? Turn to Timber Works for professional tree care services. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to learn more and schedule an appointment with one of our experts today!

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