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When a property becomes too overgrown for a landowner to manage, it requires professional land clearing services to tame. Thanks to their specialized equipment, these companies can make short work of what would have been an impossible task for an isolated property owner. A thorough land clearing will make the property’s future maintenance much easier because the thick, overgrown vegetation is no longer an obstacle. Nevertheless, the area requires routine maintenance to prevent nature from growing back.

Warren County, VA, residents and businesses can receive land clearing and landscape maintenance services from the Timber Works Tree Care team. We employ experienced and qualified professionals who carry certifications to use specialized, high-powered equipment. Cutting-edge forestry mulchers, chainsaws, and the like enable us to deliver top-quality services to all our clients. Contact us for a free project estimate through our website, or call (540) 692-9606 for any land or tree-related needs.

Below is an outline of what to look for in the months following any brush-clearing service.

Preventing Regrowth

Professional Land Clearing Warren County VA

Given ample time and suitable nutrients, brush and greenery can regrow in an area once cleared by professional equipment. Professional forestry mulching and brush clearing generate mulch and leave it on the serviced land. That mulch acts as a barrier and suppresses the growth of new weeds and grass for a time. However, mulch eventually decomposes, and vegetation returns. 

Landowners can thus expect some regrowth months after brush clearing or forestry mulching but will find lawnmower can handle it. Indeed, you can avoid another full-scale land clearing service by utilizing routine maintenance. Clearing and mulching also cut down overgrown shrubs, but preventing their regrowth will require digging out leftover material by the roots—shrubs can quickly grow back.

Furthermore, properties that received a tree clearing service face the possibility of regrowth depending on the tree-removal method used. The best way to prevent trees’ regrowth is by utilizing stump removal. Hardwood stumps leftover from tree removal can grow tree suckers that, over time, develop into small trees. You need not watch out for suckers or saplings after removing a cedar tree, but we still urge you to have the stump removed.

Professional Land Clearing Now Available in Warren County, VA

Land Clearing Services

You can ensure your property remains vegetation-free by pursuing professional land clearing services from Timber Works Tree Care. Our team offers outstanding options to residents of Warren County, VA, and the surrounding area. Moreover, our experienced and trained employees—led by an expert foreman—handle our clients’ service requests safely and to their complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on leaving every property better than we found it. To speak with an experienced arborist and get a free estimate, call (540) 692-9606.

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