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Trees are a crucial part of our environment, so you must keep an eye on those that live on your property. While trees have been known to live long lifespans, certain circumstances may necessitate their removal, including poor health, invasive species, and structural damage. To prevent these issues and sustain your trees’ lives, call an insured local tree service in Front Royal, VA, to help. 

Timber Works Tree Care is just such a service. Our team provides you with quality tree care options, and our work is licensed and insured. We offer a wide range of services including tree removal, trimming, land clearing, stump grinding, firewood, forestry, and mulching. Receive a free tree removal quote today!

Below, we discuss several reasons why you may need professional tree removal services:

3 Scenarios When Tree Removal is Needed

  • Signs of Disease & Damage

Monitor your tree health regularly. If over 50 percent of your tree’s branches and leaves show signs of illness or damage, then it may be time to have it removed. Check out our list of common tree damage and decay signs.

For trees that have wounds, keep in mind that decay-causing fungi can infect trees, leaving them vulnerable to major damage. Pay special attention to trees with wounds, as their compartmentalization process–wall or barrier that isolates infected areas–may not always be able to withstand tree decay.

  • Remove Undesirable Tree Species

It’s normal for other tree species to take root in your yard. However, if your landscape attracts undesirable tree species, then it could put your property at risk of potential damage.

Some tree species may also attract pests such as the Spotted Lanternfly or the Emerald Ash Borer, which are known to cause major diseases and destruction. Insects and pests have even driven certain tree types near to extinction.

  • Alleviate Structural Damage

Signs of structural tree damage are one of the most common reasons individuals remove trees from their yard. Whether your tree is damaged by a storm, infested by pests or insects, or construction, our team can help you determine what your best course of action is.

Local Tree Service in Front Royal, VA, Now Available!

As an industry-leading local tree service in the Front Royal, VA area, we are committed to delivering excellent service. We have the proven expertise and friendly service to provide you with the best tree care service that suits your needs. Learn more about our service quality in our customer reviews! If you suspect your tree needs to be removed, allow our team to safely and efficiently remove it from your property. 

Fill out our form to receive a local tree service quote or connect with our team by calling (540) 692-9606 today!

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