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Tree maintenance is essential to the overall health, appearance, and safety of your property. There are many signs that your property may display, as you monitor the well-being of your trees. Dead trees can bring many hazards to the area around your yard, and if you are unsure whether or not your tree poses a problem to your property, then we highly recommend that you work together with a proficient tree removal service like Timber Works Tree Care.

At Timber Works, our experienced crew and foreman are skilled in handling the removal of any weak, cracked, or rotting tree with the utmost care. We pride ourselves in treating any property as if it was our own and ensure your landscape stays in great condition throughout your entire tree removal process. With our certified arborists, we can help you determine if your current trees present a threat to your yard.

Below are a few signs that indicate that there may be a problem with your tree:

Signs Of An Infection

Like any living thing, there may be many signs that indicate when a tree is sick. Deep splits in the tree’s bark, discolored leaves, or the appearance of fungi are just some of the visual signs that indicate your trees illness. If you notice these signs, then it is important that you contact a tree removal service to assist you in determining what your best course of action is.

Root Defects

These signs are less apparent due to the fact that they are under the ground, but they are still important to note if you do notice signs of heaving soil or fungi growing near the base of the tree. Fungi is a strong indicator of root or trunk decay and could result in the tree breaking or buckling if too much of the trunk has decayed.

Trunk Issues

If a tree is rotten or hollow on the inside, removal is the next step to take. A hollow trunk can compromise a tree’s stability, causing it to potentially fall or break. Cavities on the trunk of a tree can also be quite dangerous. Depending on its size, location, and depth, cavities may help indicate the amount of decay within the tree trunk.

Additional Signs

  • Chipped or peeling bark
  • Dead or hanging branches around the tree’s crown
  • Low-hanging branches
  • Branches with no growing buds

Experience Efficient & Reliable Tree Removal Services at Timber Works Tree Care in Northern Virginia

The health of your tree is determined by the size of the tree and its limbs. While your tree may seem healthy, there are various factors that may be overlooked without prior experience or professional training. In order to maintain the safety of your property, trust the professionals at Timber Works Tree Care. When tackling a tree removal service, land clearing, or other numerous services that we provide, our crew places the protection of your yard and efficiency first. We will make sure that your yard is protected as if it was our own, making it look better than it was before. Contact our 24/7 tree removal service at (540) 692-9606 for a free consultation and estimate.


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