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We have a lot more in common with trees than you might expect. For instance, bark falls from trees like skin cells fall off people. But trees that demonstrate several unhealthy symptoms and shed bark excessively may have a health problem or disease. Normal growth, extreme weather, insufficient moisture, and disease/decay can all cause unhealthy bark shedding. You may need professional tree removal for any trees experiencing extreme bark loss and other negative effects.

Flint Hill, VA, folks who need a professional tree evaluation can turn to Timber Works Tree Care. Our seasoned arborists are prepared to identify trees’ needs and provide those services. Moreover, we uphold safety and customer service among our guiding principles. Our team is licensed and insured to remove liability risks associated with tree care. We also work to deliver prompt, high-quality results. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 to get a free estimate.

Below, we compare healthy and unhealthy bark shedding:

Normal Growth

As trees grow, their old bark exfoliates and a new layer develops in its place. When the old bark sheds, you may even notice the new layer forming beneath. In the absence of other indicators, this process can help you determine whether or not your tree is shedding bark due to healthy life processes.

Extreme Weather

Extreme cold and heat conditions cause bark to shed more rapidly than normal. Greater temperature fluctuations then occur within the tree, creating internal stress and snowballing into further bark shedding. 

A tree losing bark on its south-facing side might be doing so as a result of freezing temperatures. Trunk cracking in the same area is a strong indication that your tree has endured frost damage.

During warmer months, trees may shed extra bark due to extreme heat. You may notice the underlying tree’s wood exposed that lacks a layer of new bark underneath.

Insufficient Moisture 

Trees may also shed their bark if they lack adequate moisture. You may struggle to identify this sign because it presents no symptoms besides bark shedding. Nevertheless, the shedding may be so extreme that you will see the tree’s wood where bark fell away.

If this occurs, check and see whether the soil surrounding the tree is dry. Mulching around trees can help conserve water and protect against such droughts.

Tree Removal Flint Hill VA

Disease or Decay

Diseased or decaying trees often shed excessive bark as well. They may also present dead leaves, branches, and/or twigs as well as fungus, cankers, and slimy roots. 

Peeling tree bark disease, officially known as Hypoxylon Canker, is a specific condition that causes shedding. It comes from a fungus that creeps over the outer surface of a tree and results in peeling bark. This disease tends to attack trees that are already damaged and untreated.

Timber Works: Experienced Tree Removal in Flint Hill, VA

Timber Works Tree Care provides valuable tree services for home and business owners in Flint Hill, VA. Our options include professional tree removal, tree trimming, land clearing, brush clearing, forestry mulching, stump grinding, and more. Speak to our certified arborists for help in determining the state of your trees’ health so that we can deliver the services they need. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to schedule your tree removal service today.

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