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A dead, dying, or injured tree poses a significant danger to you and your property. For instance, its trunk or branches can fall and hit a person or structure. Alternatively, a pest infestation can take residence and then jump from the dead tree to healthy ones nearby. However, removing such trees protects people, prevents damage, reduces pest populations, increases property value, and more. Given the inherent danger of this task, contact tree care experts for proper tree removal services.

A top tree service and removal company serving The Plains, VA, Timber Works Tree Care offers everything from tree trimming to stump grinding as well as land clearing and forestry mulching. Our team possesses versatile expertise and delivers professionalism at every project site. Find out why Timber Works is considered a leader in high-quality tree service and contact us today at (540) 692-9606.

Below, we discuss the importance of tree removal and how our tree care team can help:


Putting safety first protects you, your family, and your property. As we mentioned above, dead trees and branches can break and fall at any time. They may strike cars, pedestrians, or something else, leading to injury or property damage.

Dead trees also present fire hazards. Given that they grow drier and more combustible the longer they stand, a dead tree in your yard may become an enormous piece of firewood. It can catch fire during lightning storms or wildfire events, dead trees burn with great intensity and heat. Worst of all, dead trees located near power lines risk not only catching fire but also causing a power outage.

Damage Prevention

If you own property, you have enough stress without the burden of dead trees threatening your property. Branches or entire trees can fall and damage your or a neighbor’s roof, siding, or deck. If they do not land on a structure, they may crush fences, garages, cars, and more. 

Overgrown trees can also threaten your property. Roots growing near your building’s foundation may undermine its structural integrity. Furthermore, they may crack sidewalks, driveways, and other hardscapes or damage underground utilities.

Pest Reduction

Pests can cause significant issues for your trees, property, and neighborhood. Left untreated, they may spread to neighboring trees and even invade your home or office. Common pests in dead trees include Japanese beetles, winter moths, and spider mites.

Learning to spot these infestations can help you to conserve trees and property as well as the surrounding environment. A tree care professional can also inspect trees for pests and stop them from spreading further.

Property Value

The right trees in your yard can add thousands of dollars to your property’s value. Indeed, properties with mature trees tend to sell for 7% – 15% more than those without them! 

Trees add value to your property as well as improve your community’s aesthetics and quality. Communities with well-tended trees appear as more ideal places to buy. Trees also provide shade, privacy, and beauty for those who live near them. Nevertheless, these benefits mean little if dead or dying trees stand nearby.

Annoyance Relief

The unattractive mess created by a dead or unwanted tree can create inconvenience and irritation. Not only does it detract from the beauty of your property, but it can also hurt its value. Moreover, unsafe trees can entail damage costs, HOA fines, and even legal fees.

Let Timber Works Tree Care Help

Tree Removal The Plains VA

If you need a dead tree removed, Timber Works Tree Care can help! We understand that the last thing a property owner needs is another chore on their to-do list. Plus, we can bring new life back into your outdoor space by removing the trees detracting from it.

In addition to removal, we can handle moving the tree debris so you need not worry about it! If you just want more space in your yard, we can help you achieve that through tree stump removal or brush clearing. These services remove all the biomaterial that once occupied the space, leaving you with open ground to use as you wish. 

Call Us for Professional Tree Removal in The Plains, VA!

Timber Works Tree Care provides expert tree removal services for home and business owners in The Plains, VA. We are trained professionals who know what works best for each situation, so you need not worry about surprises along the way. Our team will ensure your property is not damaged during the process and protect your healthy trees. For removal done right, contact Timber Works at (540) 692-9606.

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