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Tree pruning is a simple yet effective way to maintain trees’ health and appearance. The ideal time to prune most tree species is just before the spring growth cycle. Thus, homeowners across Lake Frederick, VA, are now hiring efficient tree pruning companies to manage the dense forestry on their landscape.

At Timber Works, we offer a full range of tree care services. Our team consists of trained experts in arboriculture who possess a strong desire to help clients. We maintain their landscapes and protect their property through services such as tree removal, land clearing, forestry mulching, and more.

Below, we discuss the practice of tree pruning as well as the many benefits:

What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is the selective removal of unwanted, diseased, dead, or deformed tree limbs. Professionals use a variety of tools for tree pruning. However, most often they use quality pruning shears for thin limbs or powered saws for thicker, hard-to-cut ones.

A tree must be pruned properly to protect and prolong its lifespan, especially during its youth. Pruning trees early ensures that their limbs’ structure grows into an ideal shape for your landscape.

The best time of year to prune trees falls between late winter and early spring, though this varies by species. Doing so yields several benefits for your trees.

Benefits of Tree Pruning in Winter

1) Less Stress On Your Trees

Prune dead or diseased limbs can be done at any time of the year. However, structural and aesthetic pruning is best done during the winter.

Trees lie dormant during the winter months, which means that they won’t be drastically affected if their limbs are removed. On the other hand, pruning trees during their springtime growth cycle puts stress on them. They must replace the limbs they lost as well as strengthen the rest of them.

Pruning tree limbs during the late winter also stimulates increased growth in the remaining limbs. This is how pruning improves the structure of a landscape tree.

2) Makes Pruning Easier & More Precise

Pruning during the winter also makes the job easier, since most trees’ leaves have fallen off. This affords a clear view of the tree limbs’ structure and allows for more precise cuts. A lack of leaves also helps professional arborists identify damaged or infected limbs or areas.

3) Avoids Risks Of Pests and Disease

Pruning creates wounds on trees that may be susceptible to diseases and pests. However, since most infestations are less active during the winter, pruning at this time can prevent your tree from getting infected.

4) Improves Your Trees’ Appearance

Not only is it easier and safer to prune your trees during the winter, but it also beautifies your landscape come springtime. Since pruning trees and shrubs shapes the appearance of certain plants, the landscape they sit on appears more neat and organized.

By getting rid of messy and unkempt limbs, your landscape will look professionally arranged in the springtime. 

Timber Works: Professional Tree Pruning Company in Lake Frederick, VA

While pruning trees during the wintertime offers many benefits, individuals often find that they must do so during less ideal times of the year. To ensure the health and growth of your trees, hire an expert from one of your local tree pruning companies. Among the highest-rated around Lake Frederick, VA, is Timber Works Tree Care. We are a team of highly skilled tree care professionals with years of experience and knowledge in arboriculture. Our team is fully equipped and trained for both residential and commercial tree care services, including land clearing, stump grinding, tree removal, and more. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to learn more and schedule one of our tree pruning services today!

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