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90 invasive tree and plant species have appeared in Virginia, and all threaten the native ecosystems. Whether introduced intentionally or accidentally, invasives—by definition—wreak havoc due to their swift growth, destructive impact on natural habitats, and introduction of foreign pests and diseases. Landowners should educate themselves on the effects of invasive species and contact a certified tree removal service if they discover one on their property.

The team of arborists at Timber Works Tree Care can quickly and effectively remove invasive trees from any property in the Shenandoah, VA, area. One of our experienced crews, led by an expert foreman, will treat your property as if it were theirs to ensure your satisfaction with our service. Moreover, all employees receive coverage from Workers’ Comp and liability insurance. To learn more about our tree removal services, contact Timber Works by calling (540) 254-5773.

Below, we discuss invasive trees and why you should have them removed from your property:

What Is an Invasive Tree?

To be deemed invasive, any flora or fauna species must meet 2 criteria:

  • It’s introduced to a region outside its native one and expands beyond the original site of introduction
  • It has the potential to cause significant harm to its new environment

Invasive plants, for example, are often fast-spreading and face no natural predators. Due to these factors, invasives can inhibit the growth of native plants around them. Common invasive tree species found in Virginia include mimosas and tree-of-heavens.

Invasive trees can endanger your landscape and ecosystem, outcompeting your preferred plants for resources while offering native wildlife nothing to eat. Nevertheless, removing invasive trees is a complicated process, one best handled by a professional tree removal service. The Timber Works team has the necessary equipment and expertise to do so. We can also discuss our tree removal costs to give you a clear sense of what goes into our service.

Why Landowners Should Have Invasives Removed

Tree Removal Service Shenandoah VA

  1. They outcompete the native species
    One of the most salient signs a tree species is invasive is rapid growth, which can exceed that of native plants and trees. Since invasive species are in a predator-, parasite-, and competitor-free ecosystem, nothing slows or prevents their growth.

  2. They destroy natural habitats
    Invasive trees deprive slow-growing indigenous plants of vital resources and destroy the habitats of many animals. They can impact an ecosystem’s entire food web, as their presence may destroy or replace native food sources.

    Moreover, invasive trees can alter the diversity of species critical to a habitat. They can change soil chemistry and even the intensity of wildfires. Since these invaders did not develop in their new environment, native trees will lack genetic defenses against them.

  3. They may introduce new pests and diseases
    Further upsetting the natural balance, invasive trees can introduce foreign pests, bacteria, parasites, and diseases to their new environment, which is unadapted to those insects and microorganisms. With these factors in play, the invasives may not end up being the direct cause of native species’ infections and death.

Hire Tree Removal Services for Invasive Trees in Shenandoah, VA!

Removing invasive species is critical to the long-term health of trees and properties. Therefore, Shenandoah, VA, landowners depend on Timber Works Tree Care for their local tree removal services to handle invasive species. Our dedicated team can tackle any project thrown our way thanks to our decades of experience and cutting-edge equipment. Call (540) 692-9606 or visit our website to receive a free tree project estimate.

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