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Trees give us much more than scenery and seasonal shifts—they also provide clean air, a connection to nature, and greater energy efficiency. So, any landowner with trees on their property would do well to protect and preserve them. A professional tree cutting service is your best defense if your property has a diseased or storm-damaged tree. Contacting arborists from Timber Works Tree Care can alleviate the danger and protect nearby healthy trees.

Our team serves home- and business owners in Purcellville, VA, and the surrounding area. We lead the industry in customer service and professionalism, dispensing tree care advice alongside high-quality work. Indeed, all our employees have professional licensure and liability insurance coverage to facilitate proper services. For more information on our options or a free project estimate, visit our website or call (540) 692-9606.

Below, we discuss the reasons to protect trees on your property and the scenarios that may call for their removal:

Benefits of Trees on Your Property

  • Clean Air
    Given Virginia’s sheer variety of tree species, growing different trees on personal property can provide distinct benefits for every homeowner. However, a handful of perks will apply to all. For instance, trees clean outdoor air and make properties more refreshing by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

    Yet this effect goes beyond a backyard. Worldwide, trees store carbon dioxide and thereby mitigate its adverse impacts on the environment. Therefore, the trees you grow on your property contribute to the fight against climate change.

  • An Appreciation for Natural Beauty
    Home- or business owners located in a city or suburb may lack the extent of natural elements that rural ones have. Yet growing trees can serve as those reminders. Trees exhibit the serenity of nature through seasonal changes and their gradual growth.

    Trees are also a source of beauty, and their aesthetics can contrast or complement your house’s design style and show off bright blossoms, verdant leaves, or motley colors. Trees can even boost your property’s financial value.

  • Energy Efficiency
    Sitting beneath a tree on a hot summer’s day offers a shady respite from the sun. However, mature trees can shade your home, too, and facilitate reduced energy use. A significant amount of shade can lead to your AC running less often, while sturdy trunks and branches serve as windbreaks on breezy days. That said, keep the hazards of trees growing close to structures in mind.

  • Habitat Spaces
    Finally, remember that trees are habitat spaces for several kinds of wildlife. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of birds, squirrels, and more through your window with mature trees in your yard.

Reasons You Might Need Trees Removed

Tree Cutting Service Purcellville VA

  • Overgrowth & Proximity to Structures
    Despite their beauty and other benefits, trees may become dangerous and require removal services. For instance, an overgrown tree can damage property, power lines, and structures due to storms or root growth. As mentioned above, trees positioned close to homes can threaten structural integrity and create tripping hazards. If professionals cannot mitigate these issues, they may suggest removal.

  • Invasives
    Although they may not threaten your house or its occupants, invasive tree species should be removed from your property due to their dangers to the surrounding environment. By definition, invasive species present significant hazards to areas outside their native regions. They can outcompete and kill off native species, robbing wildlife of food sources and reducing biological diversity. Currently, 90 invasive plant species live within Virginia’s borders.

  • Storm Damage
    Significant thunderstorms, tropical storms, and nor’easters can cripple trees by ripping off their limbs or putting another object on a collision course. Depending on the damage, tree care specialists might be able to save the tree with careful trimming. However, some storm damage is so harmful that the afflicted tree cannot be saved.

    So, have it removed before it harms others or your home.

  • Disease, Infestation, and Rot
    Finally, you may need to seek tree removal if it’s infected with disease or infested with pests. Doing so will protect the other trees on your property from the same fate. That said, seek professional tree removal to contain the issue and prevent it from spreading.

Tree Cutting Services Available Now in Purcellville, VA

Protecting the trees on your property provides your land with a dose of beauty and majesty in addition to fresh air and energy savings. Nevertheless, some scenarios call for a tree’s removal for the benefit of others. In these situations, contact the tree cutting service experts at Timber Works Tree Care, a service provider in Purcellville, VA, who guarantee excellent customer service and high-value results. Call (540) 692-9606 for more information on our service options or visit our website.

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