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Scheduling professional tree inspections sooner rather than later will help you save more in the long run. By being proactive with tree inspections provided by a certified tree care company in Huntly, Virginia, you can detect tree diseases and decay before they worsen, eliminate safety hazards, identify and fix damages before it is too late. 

At Timber Works Tree Care, our team of licensed arborists is dedicated to providing you with industry-leading tree care services. From tree inspections and forestry mulching to tree removal and stump grinding, we can personalize your services to your needs. Our arborists can quickly pinpoint signs of infection and much more with a free tree safety inspection!

Below, we discuss why your trees may need regular inspections.

  1. Tree Inspections Can Identify Disease and Decay Early

Our arborists can detect signs of infection while determining whether it is caused by bacteria, fungi, foreign pests, or invasive species. Arborists remain current on regional diseases and pests in case they are related to the disease or decay your tree(s) may be experiencing. 

  1. Identify Damages

Tree damages may be caused by inclement weather, improper pruning, and more. Working with an insured tree service to inspect and determine whether your trees need to be pruned or removed will help you save more and maintain the health of your property.

  1. Reduce Safety Hazards

Tree inspections help you identify any tree diseases or damages that make them a hazard to your safety. With an infected or damaged tree, it is more likely to break or fall, making your property unsafe for you, your family, and guests. 

While you could inspect a tree yourself, we recommend having a professional arborist inspect it. Expert arborists have the knowledge and regional experience that will help you be proactive in managing tree risks and preventing injuries and property damage.

  1. Determine Proper Maintenance

Not every infected or damaged tree needs to be removed. Some trees may need professional maintenance such as tree trimming that follows the ANSI Standards or an efficient watering routine. A tree inspection will quickly help you see how its maintenance may need to be improved. 

Choose Huntly, Virginia’s Best Tree Care Company!

At Timber Works, our team prioritizes you and your property’s safety. With our free tree safety inspections, you can maintain the health of your property as well as keep you and your family safe. We hire and train industry-leading experts to ensure you are receiving quality services provided by an insured tree care company. Let our team help you determine the condition of your trees and what next steps you can take.

Get the latest news and tips from our tree industry experts! Call (540) 692-9606 to schedule your free tree inspection today

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