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Three winter tree care tips are essential to keeping the trees around your house healthy and looking amazing. As winter rolls in, most people forget that even during dormant times, foliage and trees need care. If you want to keep your trees flowering in the spring, healthy in the summer and strong in the fall, it is all about taking care of your trees. These are the three winter tree care tips that will help your trees stay healthy year round.

3 Winter Tree Care Tips

tips for winter tree care

If you think that trees can just take care of themselves, you are wrong. Taking care of your trees during the winter is just as integral as taking care of the rest of your landscaping and preparing it for the cold weather ahead. If you take the time and the right steps to maintain the health of your trees, you won’t ever have to worry about the expense of having them taken out or replacing them. An ounce of prevention is worth a significant amount of money and the little amount of time that it requires. These three winter tree care tips will keep your property safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Prune your trees.

What is pruning? Pruning is a practice that trees need to aid in the function and beauty of tree growth. It not only contributes to the aesthetic look of your tree, but it also aids in reducing limb loss during winter months and bad winter storms. Pruning is a way of cutting off limb growth and structuring the look of a tree so that it looks well kept and so that, in the spring, it blossoms as it should. Spotting any limbs that are struggling or aren’t getting the necessary foliage will strengthen the integrity of the entire tree. Saving resources and nutrients, the more you prune for perfection, the more likely you are to gain it. That is why pruning is one of the best three winter tree care tips.

Remove dangerous trees or branches.

The best of the three winter tree care tips involve removing dangerous trees and branches. Winter weather can weigh you down with heavy winter clothing, and it can also weigh down your foliage including trees. Snow and ice storms can wreak havoc on your trees, and if you don’t plan ahead, if they are in a dangerous place like overhanging your roof or other structures, you are setting yourself up for disaster. One of the imperative three winter tree care tips is to remove any overhanging trees or branches before the cold, snow and ice settle in, to keep your property safe from a natural disaster. If you want to save yourself from costly damage, keep your property safe by following this essential of the three winter tree care tips.

Inspect your trees for ice damage.

No one wants to go out into the dead of winter after a storm to see what damage has been done. But, after the snow clears, one of the three winter tree care tips is to inspect your trees for snow or ice damage. One of the best preventative of the three winter tree care tips is to inspect and make sure that there aren’t any trees that are threatening your home. It just takes one bad storm to put a damper, or a limb, on one of your biggest investments, your house. Make sure after any major storm, be it snow or ice, that you take a walk around your property and rule out any damage, or potential danger that can result in damage, in the future.

Most people assume that trees can survive and thrive on their own. If you want to ensure that your trees are safe year round, there are three winter tree care tips that are essential to keeping trees healthy. Taking out a tree that isn’t surviving, dealing with a broken limb, or the damage it can create, or having a tree looking not so awesome, are all conditions that you can avoid if you take the time to follow these winter tree care tips. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true when dealing with trees. To enhance the aesthetic look of your house and to keep it safe from tree damage, make sure to take these essential three winter tree care tips to keep them all in tip top shape.

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