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When businesses or individuals have issues with overgrowth on their property, they seek out tree care companies. “Overgrowth” includes dense thickets of grasses, weeds, shrubs, and trees and bushes. Tree care services – including quality forestry mulching and land clearing – are necessary to make property accessible and manageable again.

At Timber Works, we offer services to deal with overgrown plots of land while sustaining its health and attractiveness. Our team of professionals have in-depth knowledge of arboriculture and are trained to identify issues and solutions with any tree species. Trust our team to support the beauty and health of your landscape.

Below, we list a few ways that a tree care service takes care of overgrown plots of land:

Methods of Maintaining Overgrown Land

  1. Land Clearing

The highest-impact approach that a tree care company can perform on a plot of overgrown land is land clearing. Land clearing involves the removal of all brambles, thickets, stumps, and trees from that land, usually for construction or residential additions. One might also do so for easier access and movement within their property.

This service also benefits the landscape, as overcrowded forests can stunt the growth of young trees and make them vulnerable to disease and infestation. Of course, different degrees of land clearing exist, from completely removing vegetation off a swathe of land to merely thinning it out. 

  1. Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is another form of land clearing, as well as a specific tree care practice. It is a low-cost tree care service because of how there is little labor involved. This service works best for heavily-forested areas that have too many trees, as well as overgrown thickets and brambles on the forest floor. 

The mulched trees and undergrowth is cut, ground, and utilized as biomass that helps fertilize and improve the soil quality around your landscape, as well as a source of nutrients for the trees and plants that remain.

  1. Trail Creation

Trail creation is another tree care service that helps landowners deal with overgrown plots in their way. It involves a more concentrated use of a mulching machine, cutting and grinding a path through and around a piece of land to clear a way for guests and inhabitants to travel through. 

This is most often done as a service for local parks and nature trails but can be performed for individuals with large acres of forested land. 

  1. Bush Hogging

Finally, we discuss bush hogging, or more specifically called, “rotary cutting.” This service is different from others in that it utilizes a rotary cutter, which is a heavy-duty mowing deck that is towed behind a tractor and is most often performed on lands that are flat and haven’t been maintained for around 2 to 3 years. 

The cutter quickly cuts through large plots of flat land that is overgrown with high grasses and weeds, thorn bushes, shrubs, as well as small trees as thick as 3 inches in diameter. Bush hogging is great for clearing up densely overgrown clearings, as well as maintaining recently-cleared grounds to prevent overgrowth.   

Timber Works Tree Care: Forestry Mulching in Delaplane, VA

Overgrown land is wasted space with a high potential for you to build on, as well as to simply enjoy. With the help of an expert tree service like Timber Works Tree Care, you can free up densely grown areas of your landscape quickly and easily with services such as efficient forestry mulching, land clearing, tree removal, and more. Our team is experienced and fully trained to provide you with the best land clearing services in all of Delaplane, VA, and Northern Virginia. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to schedule a service or to learn more about our other tree care services today.

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