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Careers at Timber Works


Come work with one of the highest-rated tree services in the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Va and DC area.


 Our top 4 promises:

1. We only recruit and retain hard working individuals who want to excel in tree care and who will make taking care of you and your property their top priority.

2. We give everyone in the company an opportunity to make a fair wage based on their skill set. This means everyone will be motivated to excel, learn more, and seek ways to improve the care they provide you. We want everyone to succeed and enjoy doing their best for themselves and their customers.

3. We provide the necessary tools and equipment to perform work safely and with expert precision. Nothing damages time, projects and trust like badly-maintained equipment. Paying attention to our equipment, and investing in good tools, ensures safer work environments, effective response times, and the top-notch performance you expect.

4. We also provide a challenging and enjoyable work environment for everyone in the company. We believe that a toxic company culture never produces great results. By working with people who love doing what they do, we each become more deeply motivated to bring you and your trees the best care possible.

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