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How Much Does Tree Service Cost?

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

The main factor in determining the cost of stump grinding is the length (in inches) of the base of the stump (as shown in the image on this page). At Timber Works, our rates are $10/inch for stump grinding and $5/inch for optional debris removal. We also offer a 10% bulk discount for removing the entire tree in addition to the stump.

Use our stump grinding cost calculator below and get a quote for your next stump grinding project:


Stump Grinding Cost Calculator

Debris Removed
Tree Removed
Price: $0.00
Tree Removal Project in Front Royal VA

What Factors Affect Tree Removal Cost?

While considering whether to hire professional tree removal services, you can account for the factors that influence pricing. A tree’s size, location, health, condition, and other requirements will affect the complexity of its removal. And, as with most services, increased complexity comes with higher pricing.

How Much Does Forestry Mulching Cost?

Are overgrown trees, brush, or vines compromising your property’s health and value? Professional forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear out unwanted vegetation from a designated area, leaving behind a fine layer of natural mulch. As a one-machine, one-operator method, forestry mulching involves low equipment and labor costs, making it a cost-friendly solution.

forestry mulching path in Nokesville Virginia

Firewood Calculator

Additional $50 for 30 - 60 min drive
Additional $100 for 1 hour + drive

Price: $0.00

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