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5 Signs You Need Tree Removal

Feb 11, 2016Tree Removal

5 Signs That You Need Tree Removal

1. Unnatural or Excessive Leaningincreased leaning over time and excessive leaning is a common sign of dead or dying trees.

2. Damaged or Decaying Roots > damage or decay in roots indicates that your tree is likely rotted or dying.

3. Cracks or Cavities in Trunk > cracks or cavities in the trunks is a sign that your tree is structurally unsound.

4. Dead or Rotting Branches > if branches are falling during storms or, even worse, during normal conditions, then you should consider removing some branches or, perhaps, the whole tree.

5. Near Your Home, Car, Power Lines, etc. > Whether your it’s healthy or not, a tree that is right next to your home, car, or other valuable property presents a constant threat.

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