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Compared to other properties, estates require a greater degree of upkeep. Thus, estate property owners need more extensive landscaping and tree care services to ensure their grounds are properly maintained. And in this, the best method is effective land clearing from seasoned professionals such as Timber Works. 

Timber Works Tree Care has worked for years throughout Middleburg, VA, and Northern Virginia. We assist residents and businesses with the care and maintenance of their trees. Beyond land clearing, our specialties include forestry mulching, site preparation for construction, tree removal, and more. If you need safe tree services from a team of seasoned experts, consider Timber Works first. 

Below, we define an estate in the state of Virginia and how one would benefit from regular land clearing services: 

What is an Estate Property? 

In Europe, an estate was defined as a large property in the country owned by a single family. That family is sustained by the profits of the farmed produce and rental properties within its boundaries.

In the US, the term’s meaning is slightly different. While estates still exist largely in the countryside, they hardly ever develop to grow crops or offer rentals for profit. Thus, US estates are not sustained by the fruits and profits that they produce.

Instead, they often provide individuals and families the enjoyment of land ownership and space for outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and more. As a big state with numerous counties deep in the country, Virginia likely contains several estate properties that require semi-annual or yearly land clearing services. 

The Benefits of Land Clearing For Your Estate

  • Safety 

The first and most important benefit of estate land clearing is that the area becomes safer for you, your family, and the landscape itself. For one thing, dead trees and loose limbs can fall and cause damage to property and potential injury. Having dangerous trees and tree limbs removed promotes a safer landscape. 

Furthermore, trees that are infected with disease or infested with tree-killing insects can put your estate’s landscape in danger, so clearing the land of any affected trees is the best preventative measure possible. 

  • Tidiness & Ease of Access

In addition to keeping inhabitants and the landscape safe, a proper land clearing service will help to trim down and clear your estate grounds of any overgrowth. 

This results in a tidier, more appealing appearance to your landscape for you, your loved ones, and your guests to enjoy. 

It also means you’ll have an easier time traversing your landscaping, as all the thickets of bushes, grasses, and weeds have all been cleared away to provide an open area for you and others to walk through.  

  • Building Potential

Finally, land clearing on your estate can also benefit you in that it can be used to clear an area on your property you’d like to build a structure on, such as a pool area, a stable, an external garage, or any other type of outbuilding besides your main house. 

An estate is typically a large plot of land with such a great amount of potential to make additions to, especially when taking land clearing into account.

Timber Works Tree Care: Effective and Efficient Land Clearing in Middleburg, VA

At times, an estate clearing is required, as it involves large parcels of wilderness that can easily become overgrown within a short period, especially in a state such as Virginia. Timber Works has performed numerous extensive land clearing services on estates throughout Middleburg, VA, as well as trail creation, forestry mulching, tree removal, and more. If you need help maintaining your land to keep it neat and orderly, call on Timber Works Tree Care. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 to learn more and schedule a land clearing service.

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