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Forests can be beautiful, enjoyable places to hike and spend time in but having them on your property also offers its share of problems. Heavily wooded land requires frequent maintenance, offers less free space to build, and comes with the potential for tree pests or diseases. To solve or avoid these issues, hire a company that provides expert forestry mulching or land clearing services. 

Timber Works Tree Care is among the top tree services in Northern Virginia. Our team of professionals has helped residents and businesses throughout Nokesville, VA,  tend to and maintain the trees on their properties. We have years of experience in tree care, in addition to being highly trained in the use of proper equipment and tools. If you are thinking of clearing forestry from your land, call us for assistance

Below, we describe some of the services we provide that help in clearing heavily wooded land: 

Tree Removal

Basic tree removal is the primary way that we clear wooded land. This is not necessarily a sweeping extraction of all the trees in a given wooded area but rather the extraction of one, two, or more. 

Tree removal is necessary for dead or infested trees. Indeed, cutting these down can maintain your remaining forestry by keeping it healthy and safe from pests and diseases.  

If you would like any trees removed from your property, consider hiring us for the project. 

Forestry Mulching

Another way that we clear heavily wooded areas is forestry mulching, an efficient form of land clearing. It involves using equipment to grind down overgrowth, including small trees, dense thickets, high grass, and more. 

We describe it as “efficient” because the grinding turns all the unwanted plant matter into fertile mulch. Nevertheless, this form of land clearing does not eliminate all plant matter in the area like other methods. 

Instead, it clears away the underbrush that can clutter wooded areas and make them appear too wild and untraversable. If you are thinking about clearing your wooded areas, perhaps all you require is a less-invasive form of land clearing like forestry mulching.  

Land Clearing

Finally, we come to land clearing—which is as its name suggests. When we perform land clearing, it involves the removal of several trees from a given area, in addition to thorough stump removals. 

Furthermore, unlike forestry mulching, this involves more than just one or two pieces of equipment. Instead, it is a large-scale operation, involving loading trucks, teams of tree service professionals with cutting equipment, and more. 

In the end, we quickly and safely clear away all trees from a given lot, making room for whatever you are seeking to build there—whether it is a swimming pool or extended patio, or even for constructing a new residence or commercial building.  

Benefits of Clearing Wooded Land

Of course, there are always practical and functional reasons to remove trees from a wooded area, but there are also several important benefits we like to describe to our clients. These advantages include: 

  • Promoting proper growth and development of trees by reducing the overcrowding of trees from a given lot, thus allowing for better shares of nutrients for those left behind.
  • Preventing potential rot by creating distance between trees, which would otherwise be vulnerable if left to overcrowd and grow closely next to one another.
  • Makes your property easier to traverse and enjoy with your family and any guests you may have.

In the end, clearing away trees from a heavily wooded area can foster a healthier environment within your landscape, as well as provide you with better scenery, new areas to build and use, and more.  

Timber Works Tree Care: Efficient Forestry Mulching in Nokesville, VA

There are many levels to clearing heavily wooded areas, whether you would like to simply declutter an overcrowded forest on your property or remove all trees from a particular lot to build a new addition or structure. Working with Timber Works Tree Care will afford you a quick and easy land clearing service, whether it be forestry clearing, site preparation, or simple forestry mulching. In addition, we also provide additional services such as tree removal and trimming, stump grinding, tree risk assessments, and more. 

Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 and learn more about our many expert tree care services.

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