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When it comes to your yard, tree maintenance is essential to the overall appearance and safety of your property. Regular pruning will enhance the appearance of your property and minimize the potential for costly storm-related damages. Tree pruning benefits all trees by keeping them healthy, structurally sound, and away from power lines. However, there is more to pruning than simply cutting branches. It is important to follow the right steps when pruning trees or you may risk doing permanent damage. Improper tree pruning can easily result in costly or even irreversible damage to your property, trees, or landscape.

For this and many other reasons, you should hire a professional tree maintenance company like Timber Works Tree Care. At Timber Works, we strive to provide you with our proven expertise and friendly service. Our highly trained professionals will exceed your expectations with our great attitudes and strong work ethic. Below are the benefits of having routine tree maintenance:

Healthy Trees

Begin by pruning and removing dead and dying branches to stimulate new growth. This will enhance the overall sunlight and air circulation in your yard. Also, eliminate weak spots in your trees to prevent further damage. Leaving damage unfixed in your trees can result in lasting damage or tree death. Lastly, this will help you keep an eye on your trees’ direction of growth which will further promote their long-term stability, safety, and health. Overall, preventative tree maintenance will improve the appearance and health of your trees.

Boost Property Value

When your trees and lawn are well kept, they add value to your home and property. If you one day choose to put your house on the market, your home’s exterior and landscaping are the first impression buyers will have. Having overgrown trees and shrubs are an eyesore. An unkempt yard can interfere with surrounding plants’ and diminish the appearance of your yard. Routine maintenance keeps your trees under control and eliminates unsightly overgrowth to ensure the look of your yard.

Reduce Energy Bills

If you plant trees and shrubs strategically around your yard you can create a micro-climate zone. This can block hot summer sun and reduce air temperatures in your yard and around your house. Also, in the winter the trees will help block cold winds and make your yard and house warmer. This specific tree maintenance can translate into large savings on your electricity bill.

Eliminates Potential Safety Hazards

During high winds, strong thunderstorms, snow, or ice storms tree limbs and even whole trees can fall on electric lines, tearing down energized lines and equipment. Broken limbs can cause outages just by making contact with electric lines and equipment. Also, another hazard is the water, sap, and chemicals in trees are excellent electricity conductors. Therefore, if a tree has grown into a power line, power can travel to the ground and create an electrocution hazard.

While you cannot prevent damage from occurring, by performing routine tree maintenance can minimize the potential impact. Having healthy trees will make you far less likely to fall victim to destructive winds, snow, and ice. Tree pruning keeps your family and your wallet safe from costly damage.

Expert Tree Maintenance Services at Timber Works Tree Care in Northern, VA

Depending on the size of the tree and limbs, tree pruning and maintenance can be a dangerous task. When it comes to protecting yourself and your property, it is best to hire a professional tree service. At Timber Works, our experts are highly trained and equipped to handle all your tree needs. We are an all-inclusive tree service company who understands every stage of the timber process from tree maintenance and removal to firewood. Timber Works Tree Care holds itself to high standards of professionalism, aiming for the complete satisfaction of everyone it serves.

Timber Works Tree Care is a 24/7 tree service and removal company based in Northern VA. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 for a free consultation and estimate!

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