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We don’t just like writing about tree service; we like reading about it as well.

This is why we’ve composed this list of our Top Tree Service Blogs to help you have access to some of the best tree service content on the web.

From tree tips and tricks to other practical guides and information, check out these awesome tree service blogs!

Top Tree Service Blogs:

Check out the amazing content from ten of our favorite top tree service blogs!

Davey Tree Services Blog

With over 500 posts and new content every week, Davey’s Tree Service blog is one of the largest repositories of tree knowledge online. Their content is a good balance of how-to posts and informative articles explaining the science behind trees, in a clear, readable format. What’s more, they cover a wide geographical area, so you can find tips here for everything from evergreens to palm trees!

Vintage Tree Care Blog

This California-based blog draws on Vintage Tree Care’s twenty years of experience with their local trees. The blog concentrates on helping property owners properly care for and protect their trees, but it contains a variety of other tips and advice as well. Keep an eye on this site for information about how to tell if your tree is under stress from disease or drought!

The Bartlett Tree Expert Blog

Since its foundation in 1907, Bartlett Tree Experts has expanded to become one of the world’s leading companies for scientific tree and shrub care. Their blog is strongly committed to a combination of tree advice, scientific research relating to trees, and explanations of environmental issues. Occasionally they post news about volunteer work or training, so stay tuned for opportunities!

CLC Tree Services Blog

CLC Tree Services is a small but highly active company based in Ontario Canada, posting new content regularly to their blog and twitter page. Canadian readers can find posts here that are particularly relevant to their native trees. CLC’s articles often relate to environmental issues, whether global or local.

West Coast Tree Care Blog

This Pacific Northwest company posts weekly to their blog, mostly giving advice on how to care for your trees, but also on other related subjects.  Their local experience makes them particularly valuable to readers in Washington and Oregon, but all readers can benefit from posts such as this one on how to deal with neighbors whose trees are endangering your property.

Woodsman Tree Service Blog

Woodsman Tree Service blogs are not only on tree care but also on other aspects of landscaping, such as lawn care and gardening. Founded in 1984, Woodsman is based in Williamson County, Texas. New content is added weekly, so check back often!

Joshua Tree Blog

The Joshua Tree blog combines both tree and lawn care in one company and one blog, because, as they explain, lawn experts and tree experts who only understand one half of your yard can seriously damage the other half.  The weekly tree and lawn care advice from Joshua Tree, by contrast, takes both sides into account. They also have published several online guides for both lawn and tree care: check them out here!

Climbing Arborist

Unlike the other sites on our list, Climbing Arborist is a video library aimed particularly at tree care professionals, rather than property owners with a casual interest in trees. Check here for detailed videos on how to tie knots, the best climbing techniques, and what types of rigging to use. Climbing Arborists has a blog as well, like its videos full of advice for tree service professionals.

Arbor Day Foundation Blog

No top ten list of tree care blogs would be complete without mentioning the Arbor Day Foundation Blog. With expert posts and articles uploaded at least once a week, if not more, readers can learn not only about tree care but also landscape design and environmental news. The Arbor Day Foundation also has an online store for gift trees and tree care products.

Urban Forest Pro Blog

The Urban Forest Professionals concentrate their blog on many different aspects of tree care, such as proper planting technique, fertilization, pruning, root care, and removal. They also have a useful FAQ answering questions relating specifically to tree care in urban and suburban environments. There can be special legal requirements in cities, so this can be important information!

We hope you love these Top Tree Service Blogs as much as we do!

They all offer a great wealth of knowledge in their fields and have large libraries of written and visual content to help answer your questions and help you learn more about tree care.

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