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Why did they plant this big tree so close to my house?

Unfortunately, many residential trees overgrow their space because the saplings of ginormous trees were planted in a small area. We see this throughout residential and commercial areas in these common signs:

      • Cracked sidewalks
      • Bulging/cracked sidewalks
      • Foundation issues around the house
      • Bursting pipes
      • Exposed tree roots
      • And more!
When a sapling is planted in a small location and will one day mature into a 100-foot Oaktree, the roots have nowhere to go and are forced to keep going. The roots will break through pipes, and walls, causing a lot of costs and damage to the home. In addition, the tree is harmed or dies as well because it is being pushed up against a space much too small for its matured size.

In many neighborhoods, builders ordered thousands of big Oak and Maple trees, planting them in front of every house they build because they are aesthetically pleasing. Twenty or so years later the tree is matured, and the house is slowly developing foundation issues.

Where do we see this?

This problem is seen throughout Northern Virginia, in:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Running paths
  • Walkways
  • Outdoor shopping centers
  • And more!
Why did they plant this big tree so close to my house
These trees are being trapped in these areas and need to be removed before they start to or continue to damage the driveways and pathways. The tree causes many problems including,
  • tripping hazards
  • costly renovations
  • foundation issues
  • unpleasing surface roots
  • overground surface roots


These are just a few of the many hazards commonly seen in the Northern Virginia area because of large trees being planted near houses.


What to do?

Why did they plant this big tree so close to my home
At Timber Works, we provide free estimates and evaluations to not only give you a price for the tree but also to give you advice on the tree. If you think your tree has overgrown its space, call us for a no-obligation and free estimate/inspection! Unlike many companies out there we will not tell you to remove a tree that does not need to be removed. Our arborist estimators will look at your tree and let you know if it is an issue or not.

Further, if the tree is causing the cracking or foundation issues in your home, we will not only give you a free estimate on the removal but we will also give you our recommendations for smaller trees that you can replant afterward.

Call us today for a free estimate or evaluation! If you have a tree that was planted too close to the house, have us check it out.

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