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Several tree care tasks must take place during the winter, namely inspecting, trimming, and removing dead or dangerous trees. Doing so promotes your trees’ wellness and longevity, which in turn improves your property value, beautifies your landscape, and keeps your family safe. To ensure your winter tree care provides the best value, seek affordable tree service in your area.

People throughout Gainesville, VA, can turn to Timber Works Tree Care for such services. We offer professional tree inspection, trimming, and removal, placing special emphasis on safety and professionalism. We also offer land clearing, stump grinding, and forestry mulching. Contact us at (540)-254-5773 and ask about winter tree care service.

Inspect Your Trees

You should inspect your trees during winter because they will be bare of leaves. You’ll have a chance to look for dead or cracked limbs in danger of falling. Also, check for holes, cankers, and decay that may indicate disease. And take note of the overall shape of your tree to identify long or awry branches.

Inspecting your trees for death, disease, and disformity will protect their health and appearance. If you find a tree that needs trimming or removal, contact Timber Works to take care of it before spring. However, if you find areas of disease, schedule your tree service for spring.

Have Your Trees Trimmed

Most trees should be trimmed during winter while they lie dormant. Doing so protects your tree from major shock and dehydration as a result of trimming. Also, trees are less susceptible to disease when trimmed during winter because disease-spreading insects are also dormant. 

Timber Works arborists can trim your trees for health by removing dead or diseased branches. We may also remove branches that obstruct other objects on your property or that sit near power lines. Alternatively, we may trim your trees for appearance by shaping oddly-lengthed branches. 

Have Dead or Dangerous Trees Removed

A tree may need removal if it is diseased, dead, severely damaged, or an undesirable species. Some diseased trees can be saved with careful trimming or fertilization. However, we will remove trees if they are overrun with a disease. 

Dead trees may have hollow trunks or brittle limbs, both of which pose hazards. Removing dead trees can improve your property’s appearance and prevent the tree from falling unexpectedly.

Trees with cracked or severely storm-damaged trunks may need to be removed for safety. Vertical cracks in the trunk and damage that is more than 25% the size of the tree’s circumference should be removed. 

In some cases, a tree’s variety may warrant its removal. Trees that have weak wood or that drop a lot of debris may be undesirable. If you have a tree with obstructive roots causing damage to your driveway or surrounding lawn, it may need removal.

Other Items to Consider

In addition to your winter tree care checklist, you should also ensure that your HVAC system is ready for the winter weather. If you are having trouble with heating, give our preferred HVAC company, Cool Techs, a call.

Timber Works: Affordable Tree Service in Gainesville, VA

Affordable Tree Service Gainesville VA

Timber Works offers high-quality tree care service and customer service to guarantee your satisfaction. We offer affordable tree care services in Gainesville, VA, for commercial and residential properties. Our team is proudly licensed and insured to create the safest solution for your tree care needs. Contact us today through our website or by calling (540)-254-5773.

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