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Dead trees, particularly their branches, won’t grow any buds. Deadwood is also a major indicator that the tree is diseased or dying.

Deadwood tree

Another potential sign is when a tree will implement protective measures to its healthier parts by forming a branch collar around the dead branch or infected area, in an attempt to reduce the spread of disease. Learn more about how to spot deadwood in trees here!


Other Examples of Deadwood:

  • Tree Branches Dying
  • Tree with Dead Branches
  • Pruning Dead Limbs
  • Trimming Dying Branches
Watch Out for Deadwood

Watch Out for Deadwood

The presence or lack of deadwood provides a year-round indicator of your trees’ condition and vulnerability. Doing so is especially important during spring, as diseases and insects start ramping up. Still, deadwood is a natural part of all trees’ lifecycles, and...

Deadwood In Trees

Deadwood In Trees

While the fall and winter are the best times to trim your trees since they are dormant, many homeowners may find more time during spring and summer to do this. With trees growing new branches and leaves, it’s easier to distinguish between areas of the tree that are...

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