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Insured Tree Service

Insured Tree Services in Virginia

When most businesses and homeowners seek to hire a particular service, they usually do not consider Workers’ Compensation as an essential factor. They look for quality, friendliness, and efficiency; the typical details you would expect to see in highly rated customer reviews. But what if you hire a tree care service that denies Workers’ Compensation for its employees? Doing so places both workers and you at risk.

At Timber Works Tree Care, we aim to provide high-quality tree care services including tree removal, land clearing, stump grinding, and more. We are a company that has Workers’ Comp and is Liability Insured. Thus, when you hire us, you receive a tree service that completely protects you in case of any of any unforeseen property damage or accidents. Learn more about why workers’ comp is important when hiring a tree service company.

Workers’ Comp and Liability Insured Tree Care in Winchester, VA

Our goal at Timber Works is to provide the best tree care service in Virginia. That may be a tall order, but we move closer to it by taking care of our employees as well as our clients. Our
 quality Workers’ Comp and Liability-Insured company provides numerous tree care services including stump grinding, tree removal, and firewood provision. To learn more about the services we provide, call us at (540) 254-5773 and speak with one of our tree-care experts. 


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