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Mulchers, also called masticators and brush cutters, are machines designed to reduce plant matter into mulch. Depending on its design, a mulcher can efficiently handle brush, tree limbs, or trees up to 6-8 inches in diameter. But you need not rent one of these machines yourself: call your local tree care provider for professional forestry mulching

If you have a home or business around Middleburg, VA, turn to Timber Works Tree Care. We are the region’s one-stop-shop for tree services, including tree removal, trimming, land clearing, stump grinding, and more. Our team believes that a professional demeanor, first-rate customer service, and reliable workmanship have no equal. We offer all three in spades, as well as Workers’ Comp and Liability Insurance for our team members. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Below, we discuss the capabilities of mulching equipment and the benefits you could reap from this service:

Why Do People Have Their Land Mulched?

For folks unfamiliar with tree care, forestry mulching may sound akin to land clearing. However, the former is a type of land clearing that focuses on wooded areas of land, usually overgrown ones. Forestry mulching clears smaller vegetation but leaves large trees untouched.

Individuals or businesses may have a few reasons to get this service. Most often, they want their property tidied—mulching makes it “cleaner” and easier to traverse. They may also have discovered an invasive plant species that mulching can prevent from spreading. 

Timber Works’ forestry mulching service is a one-man, one-machine operation, so it boasts a lower price than traditional land clearing. Nevertheless, the cost of forestry mulching depends on a variety of factors. Reach out to us about your project and get a free estimate today.

What Are a Forestry Mulcher’s Working Limits?

The mulcher itself can handle a great volume of material. Timber Works professionals clean and maintain our equipment so that we don’t lose efficiency to mechanical problems. Nevertheless, all machinery has limits, the mulcher included. 

As mentioned above, our mulcher can handle trees up to 6-8 inches in diameter. Although it can mulch larger ones, it does so at a slower rate. Thus, 1 or 2 such trees may be fine during the course of a service, but any more call for a proper land clearing rather than mulching. 

Generally, the 6-8 inch diameter is the recognized limit of mulching machines. Nevertheless, some models are designed to handle greater limbs. Teams with such equipment must then factor in the dangers of felling trees of increasing size. 

How Forestry Mulching Could Benefit You

We mentioned above that forestry mulching can clear the overgrown patches of your property and stop invasive species. But the benefits of forestry mulching go beyond these perks. As you may expect, the fertile mulch it produces serves as a great source of nutrients for your remaining vegetation.

Moreover, mulching supports the local ecosystem. Where naturally occurring fires once cleared overgrown forests, we now fulfill that function with mulching. Annual clearing boosts wooded areas’ growth potential by removing dead and rotting brush.

Finally, mulching allows you to enjoy your property’s full potential. With excessive vegetation gone, you can move easily through your property and gain a greater appreciation of its beauty. You have the space, after all—you should enjoy it. 

Forestry Mulching Services Now Available in Middleburg, VA

Despite the technical equipment and names, professional forestry mulching fulfills some basic functions. If you want to enjoy the beauty and space of your property, call Timber Works Tree Care for all your arboreal needs. We are the Middleburg, VA, region’s go-to service provider for tree care, and we serve individuals and businesses all around. Have a question about our services? Call us today at (540) 692-9606 or fill out our online form for a free consultation and estimate.

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