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Removing Overgrown Trees

Experienced Tree Removal

Overgrown trees are an increasing problem in Northern Virginia and Shenandoah Valley. Saplings are often planted in places between sidewalks and roads or in tiny front yards based off matching colors and styles. The problem is the people planting these trees do not consider how big the tree/root system will become.

When the tree does fully grow the roots begin to spread under or over sidewalks/driveways and anything it can to keep growing. This causes constant cracks in sidewalks and driveways.


This problem is most seen in neighborhoods, trees are planted in small front yards right next to a driveway.  Once the tree is fully mature these trees will cost constant repairs to the homeowner’s yard, driveway, and even their foundation.

overgrown tree roots crack sidewalk

If you start to notice cracks or roots sticking out around your yard/driveway give Timber Works a call to have it removed. Our expert arborist can let you know how big of a problem it is going to be along with recommend a new tree to plant there instead.

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