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We are taking all precautionary steps to ensure your safety as well as our employees. Learn more here.We want to assure everyone that Timber Works is still open to help you with any tree care needs and we are taking all precautionary steps to ensure your safety as well as our employees. Learn more here.

Spotted Lanternfly

Recently, an invasive species has been making its way through Pennsylvania and was spotted in Winchester, VA. The Spotted Lanternfly is a major problem due to the fact that it’s attacking Ailanthus, apples, and grapes – some of which are very popular in the Virginia Commonwealth area. This infestation could affect the wine industries severely and may also be troublesome to homeowners.

At Timber Works Tree Care, our dedicated and efficient local tree service company in Winchester, VA, helps homeowners stay on top of this problem. Routine maintenance and the removal of infected trees are some of the ways that the spread can be controlled.

What is the Spotted Lanternfly?

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive species that originated in countries such as India, Vietnam, and China. Their size is a bit bigger than a moth with a black head, translucent spotted wings that are gray-brown, and a yellow abdomen.

When the Lanternfly is resting, however, its translucent wings show off its red hindwings. The Spotted Lanternfly is also believed to be poisonous if ingested by humans or animals.

Learn more about the Spotted Lanternfly, why it is harmful, and what you can do to protect your land here!



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