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With winter fading and spring approaching, Beth Waller and Jen Avery from What Matters decided to get some tree care tips from local tree service expert, Jack Donohue of Timber Works Tree Care.

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Jack is the owner of Timber Works Tree Care, a Virginia Tree Service company providing reliable, affordable tree care to residents in Front Royal, VA, northern Virginia, and the greater Shenandoah Valley.

This time of year trees are dormant, which means that tree trimming and pruning during the winter months is good for several reasons: 

  • No sap is lost during this time of year
  • There are few insects, which helps trees remain healthy when you are exposing trees through trimming and pruning
  • It is easy to remove dead wood and branches from trees


Jack also shared 2 other tree care tips, encouraging those who may take the DIY approach to: 

  1. Be careful not to trim branches to close to the main branches (so as not to damage the tree)
  2. Be mindful to make 2 cuts on a branch of a larger tree (1 farther from the stem; then, 1 cut closer to the stem)


Jack also shared one of the larger jobs his team has handled recently, saying:

We recently took care of 120ft poplar out in Fairfax. It was close to 48in and it was huge!

Timber Works Tree Care provides a wide range of tree care services, including: tree removal, land clearing, tree trimming & pruning, firewood production, stump grinding and more.


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