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Sometimes, portions of a forested property must be cleared to make room for home additions or new structures. However, many kinds of land clearing options exist—each with a different degree of invasiveness and particular purpose. For example, professional forestry mulching is among the least invasive forms of land clearing and removes invasive overgrowth from a targeted area. To see which option serves your needs best, consider hiring a trusted tree care expert to properly maintain your property. 

Timber Works Tree Care is among Northern Virginia’s top tree care services that perform high-quality land clearing services. Our team works throughout Delaplane, VA, clearing terrain for both residents and businesses. We also perform additional tree care services, including disease and pest infestation inspections, tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, and more. Call our tree care team to receive a free quote on your service! 

Below, we describe the different kinds of land clearing services that we offer: 

  1. Tree Removal

The simplest land clearing option, tree removal entails cutting down a few trees within a landscape. While not “land clearing” in a traditional sense, removing obstructive or dead trees opens up your property and creates more space for you to enjoy or plant new trees.

  1. Forestry Mulching

A minimal form of land clearing, forestry mulching involves cutting and grinding down thick overgrowth within your landscape, including that around your trees, lawn, and home. It results in a tidier landscape and a fine layer of fresh mulch on the ground, trapping in moisture, supporting plant growth, and preventing weeds from sprouting. 

Forestry mulching does not call for clearing everything on your land but rather the plants, shrubs, and small trees that make it appear messy. A benefit of forestry mulching is that it makes your landscape easier to traverse, especially large pieces of property that you want to use for planting crops or building a garden.

  1. Trail Creation

Another form of land clearing that Timber Works provides is trail creation, an offshoot of forestry mulching done specifically so property owners can easily travel around their landscape.

In tandem with a well-constructed landscape, a series of trails around your forested landscape is an attractive and enjoyable feature. We often perform this task for parks, as well as for property owners seeking to improve the value and appearance of their land.   

  1. Site Preparation

Finally, we come to the truest form of land clearing: site preparation. This can involve all the different degrees of land clearing we’ve discussed thus far, but it also includes the total removal of large swathes of forestry. 

Particularly, this service is performed for businesses–but can be done for residents–who seek to develop a parcel of land for construction. Our team efficiently removes all trees within the allotted perimeter of the property, grinding away its stumps as well as any additional overgrowth. 

Timber Works Tree Care: Quality Forestry Mulching in Delaplane, VA 

Cleaning up your forested property requires expert experience and skill, preferably provided by an insured tree care service. Timber Works Tree Care has years of experience in all levels of tree care, including efficient forestry mulching, trail creation, site preparation, and more. As the top tree care experts in Delaplane, VA, we are happy to help you keep your property healthy and safe. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 to learn more and schedule an appointment today.

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