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Left untouched by people or machines, plots of land can quickly grow thick with vegetation. So, what you could have cut with a regular lawnmower may now present a much more daunting task. Yet professional bush hogging services—a capable yet noninvasive form of land and brush clearing—may be the answer. Speak with landscaping and tree care experts about what bush hogging entails, how it benefits landowners, and whether it can help you manage your overgrown property.

Timber Works Tree Care helps folks in and around Delaplane, VA, with their land and tree management needs. Moreover, our knowledgeable and skilled team provides a wide range of services beyond bush hogging and tree trimming. We are licensed, insured, and educated on the best and safest tree care practices. Trust Timber Works with your next land and tree servicing project and call (540) 692-9606 today.

Below, we describe bush hogging in detail and outline why you may need it:

What is Bush Hogging?

Bush hogging Delaplane, VA

Bush hogging—also known as brush hogging—is a land clearing method that uses a specific rotary-cutting deck attachment to trim down brush. This bush hog attachment is fastened to the back of a tractor or similar vehicle and pulled behind it. The bush hog then eliminates the brush it encounters, operating as a kind of heavy-duty lawnmower.

Why Do You Need It?

Although standard lawnmowers can mow lawns and somewhat overgrown vegetation, they cannot manage tall or dense bushes. More substantial brush calls for a professional land and brush clearing solution like bush hogging. Such machinery can handle grass, weeds, bushes, vines, and even small trees.

While bulldozing and other heavy machinery can effectively clear land, they also tend to uproot vegetation and disturb the soil. Bush hogging, on the other hand, preserves your property’s soil while still clearing brush. A non-invasive practice, bush hogging cuts down brush on the soil surface and leaves existing roots in the ground.

Furthermore, bush hogging’s byproduct helps the remaining vegetation to flourish. The machine creates a nutritious mulch that, when spread around desired trees and shrubs, supports healthy growth. So, the soil is not only left undisturbed but also in a healthier state than before bush hogging.

The best time for bush hogging is summer, though it can help your property at any time of the year. Long, sunny days provide ample daylight for technicians to complete their work. Moreover, overgrowth will be the most prominent during this season, providing the greatest visual difference as well as producing the most nutrient-dense material.

Commercial Bush Hogging Services in Delaplane, VA

Timber Works Tree Care provides expert bush hogging services to private and commercial land owners near Delaplane, VA. Our years of experience with land and brush clearing allow us to take on any bush hogging project. You can look forward to a clear, beautiful, nutrient-rich plot of land. For land and tree care done right, look to Timber Works and call (540) 692-9606 today.

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