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While you and your family put up the Christmas tree in your house, you shouldn’t be forgetting about the unkempt one outside. Timber Works can help you get ready for the holiday and guest visits from your extended family by finally getting rid of any neglected trees that have a disease or are hazardous. Aside from just the looks, there are many reasons why having your tree removed during the holiday season is beneficial. During the winter, trees become dormant, meaning they have essentially gone into hibernation and are in a period of rest until Spring comes along. A tree in dormancy is an opportune time for a tree to be cut down. Here are just a few reasons why winter is an ideal season for a tree removal service in Northern Virginia:

Season Slowdown

In the winter, you don’t see many people or animals outside. The birds have migrated for the winter, the squirrels are hibernating, and the pets are inside. This is an advantageous time to get any tree work you’ve been putting off out of the way.

Lack of Leaves

The lack of leaves on the branches make it easier to determine which ones are diseased or decaying and need to be removed. Since you’ve probably already raked up all the leaves that came off your tree and fell into your yard, there’s less work to do when cleaning up!

Less Chance of Diseases Being Spread

Parasites, fungi, and bacteria living in the tree thrive off warm weather. These nuisances often carry disease, like Dutch elm disease or oak wilt disease, which can harshly impact your trees. Ensuring that your infected tree is gone by Spring will prevent any diseases from spreading.

Winter Damage Protection

During the snowy season, trees that show signs of dying, pose a great risk to your home, especially when experiencing heavy snow or strong winds. Without professional tree removal, you face the risk of the tree falling on your home. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you have any concerns regarding your trees, have Timber Works Tree Care come to take a look.

Experience Efficient & Reliable Tree Removal Services at Timber Works Tree Care in Northern Virginia

Our Tree Removal process is performed by an experienced crew lead by an expert foreman. Our crew is fully trained and can safely handle the removal of any weak, cracking, or rotting tree. Whether you want each limb taken down individually or you want the entire tree brought down all at once, Timber Works Tree Care will make sure that it happens safely and efficiently year-round. When tackling a tree removal service, land clearing, or other numerous services that we provide, our crew places the protection of your yard and efficiency first. We will make sure that your yard is protected as if it was our own, making it look better than it was before. Put down the gift wrap and the scissors and contact our 24/7 tree removal service at (540) 317-1705 for a free consultation and estimate.

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