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Trees are as different as people. They grow in slightly different ways and stand out due to slightly different features. As a result, every tree removal calls for a different approach. But no matter the circumstances nor the method, talk to an insured tree removal service for any such removals. 

If you live in or around Delaplane, VA, reach out to Timber Works Tree Care for your arboreal needs. We offer a full range of tree care services, including removal, trimming, stump grinding, land clearing, and more. Our line of work remains one of the most dangerous industries in the country. Thus, you should always let an insured tree removal service like Timber Works handle your tree-related demands. 

Below, we describe the different approaches that Timber Works employs for tree removal: 

Timber Works’ Tree Removal Methods

  1. Felling
    Felling a tree is the most common method of removal. This traditional approach (popularized in media) calls for workers to chop or cut the tree’s base until its trunk falls. It is a simple approach, requiring only a chainsaw or ax, and allows workers to remain on the ground.

    Nevertheless, tree felling can be tricky. One must know where and how to cut the tree’s base to control its drop. Plus, a falling tree presents a serious hazard to nearby people or structures. 
  1. Climbing
    The next method involves climbing. Rather than chopping a tree’s base so that it falls over, workers cut and remove sections from the top down. They set up a rigging cable, climb the tree, and then chop off branches and trunk segments. They can then lower the debris if necessary.

    Although more time-consuming than felling, climbing affords workers more control. This may be required if the offending tree stands among several structures or cannot be felled safely. 
  1. Bucket
    A bucket removal applies the same principle as climbing, where tree care experts clear away a tree by sections. However, instead of climbing gear, it calls for a bucket truck (also known as a cherry picker) that lifts workers so they can saw the tree as they need to. This can be especially useful if the tree in question is rotting or cannot support climbers.

    Nevertheless, bucket removal requires the truck and, potentially, other special equipment. Having one on hand involves planning and preparation ahead of time. 
  1. Crane
    Our final option is crane (or crane-assisted) removal. This scenario arises when our arborists determine that felling, climbing, and bucket removal are too dangerous. Crane removal eliminates workers’ direct involvement and replaces them with a full-size crane, which pulls the tree from the ground.

    Like a bucket removal, this approach requires careful planning and specialized equipment. We only pursue this option after ruling out all other methods. 

How Timber Works Approaches Tree Removals

With a range of removal options at our disposal, Timber Works has developed a comprehensive process for approaching each project. This allows us to present alternatives to clients and work with their budget, property, and limitations. It also helps us ensure our employees’ safety

We begin by inspecting the problematic tree (or trees). Depending on its species and condition, we consider whether trimming and pruning can save it. Our crews’ expertise and first-hand experience help them consider how best to alleviate the situation. 

If we determine that your tree must be removed, an expert foreman will lead their crew in the removal process. Our arborist will discuss options for removal with you and advise you on what would serve you best. Then, our team will safely and efficiently remove the tree from your property. 

Reliable and Insured Tree Removal Services Available in Delaplane, VA

No matter what condition your tree is in, Timber Works Tree Care can safely handle its removal and disposal. As an insured tree removal service, we employ a confident team of experienced workers to provide outstanding customer service. We provide tree removal, trimming, land clearing, stump removal, and other services throughout Delaplane, VA, and beyond. Call us today at (540) 692-9606 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation

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