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All Commercial Tree Services

Pasture Reclamation

Fence Line Clearing

Estate Clearing

Building Site Preparation


Hazard Fuel Reduction


Septic Drain Field Clearing

ROW Clearing

Data Center Prep

Forest thinning

Vegetation Conversion

Homeowners’ Association Tree Services

Targeted grazing

Land Clearing Mulching

Tree Grinding

Horizontal Grinder

Horizontal Grinder Rental

Wood Grinding

Tub Grinding

Wood Chipping

Whole Tree Chipping

Whole Tree Chipper

Tree Grinders

Commercial Tree Grinder

Horizontal Wood Grinder

Grinder Wood Cutter

Wood Grinder Machine

Why Choose Timber Works for your Commercial Tree Services?

International Society of Arboriculture Member

Certified Arborist on every job site

100's of exclusively 5 star reviews

2021 Best of Warren County

Fully Licensed and Insured with Workmans Comp

SWaM Certified

Licenses and Insurance:

Many Commercial Companies have high insurance requirements when working with a contractor, that is why Timber Works stays up to date with the highest Insurances in order to keep our clients and employees safe, along with providing companies with a quality tree service that will meet their insurance requirements.

Check out our insurance page and fill out our form to see if your insurance requirements will be met!

Our Commercial Clients

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