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Free Safety Inspections

Free safety inspections at Timber Works
Free Safety Inspections from Timber Works

What is a Tree Safety Inspection?

A tree safety inspection entails a professional evaluation of a tree’s structure, bark, branches, and surrounding environment to determine its overall health and whether it threatens the surrounding area.

Tree care professionals can identify problems with your tree that endanger its health or your property, including root decay, invasive pests, and overgrowth. Additionally, a knowledgeable arborist will have familiarity with regional diseases and blights, which can help them diagnose potential illness or decay. Contact Timber Works Tree Care today for more information on our free safety inspections.

When is a Tree Safety Inspection Necessary?

Even if you do not see any particular issue with your trees, you can still request a tree safety inspection—like people, trees could use routine check-ups even when they look normal! Scheduling routine tree safety inspections is one of the best things landowners can do to create and protect a gorgeous landscape.

However, some signs and symptoms on trees require immediate evaluation. These indicators include:

    • Rot
    • Decay
    • Pests
    • Brittle bark
    • Discoloration
    • Needlecast
    • Unusual sap

An arborist can investigate these issues and determine the best course of action moving forward. They may recommend a maintenance plan for your trees—such as tree trimming, removal, or stump grinding—to mitigate the problem and protect your other trees. 

Benefits of Tree Safety Inspections

Free Safety Inspections from Timber Works

1. Diagnose Tree Infections Early

Investigating tree discoloration or unusual sap when they crop up can help mitigate long-term damage. The Timber Works team has years of experience with tree structure evaluations and can educate you on the best course of action for your tree and its issues. The earlier you tackle decay and rot, the better your chances of saving the tree and protecting those neighboring it.

2. Enhance Property Safety

Every landowner should prioritize the safety of visitors on their land. In this effort, they’ll recognize the threat that dying or decaying trees pose to people and surrounding plant species.

A professional arborist can assess your trees and recommend services to neutralize hazards. A tree risk assessment, in particular, can help determine your tree’s condition and potential problems so you can get the appropriate service to save them and your property.

3. Determine Watering Needs

Determining the watering needs of different tree species can be difficult because each has distinct requirements. Therefore, a tree inspection can be helpful for recently planted trees or ones struggling to grow. 

Based on your tree’s type, age, and previous watering habits—as well as the season—your local arborist can recommend a watering system and guide you on best practices. Their professional eye guarantees a healthy maintenance routine, especially for new landowners looking to improve their green thumb!

Virginia Landowners Can Receive Free Safety Inspections for Their Trees

Whether you want an expert to check out your tree’s rot or provide information on its watering needs, ask Timber Works Tree Care for support and a free Virginia safety inspection. Regular tree safety inspections protect their health and your safety. They can catch tree diseases and failures before they become dangerous to you and your family. We pride ourselves on our safe, efficient, and affordable tree care services.

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