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While considering whether to hire professional tree removal services, you can account for the factors that influence pricing. A tree’s size, location, health, condition, and other requirements will affect the complexity of its removal. And, as with most services, increased complexity comes with higher pricing.

To ensure you receive the best value for your money, reach out to Timber Works Tree Care. We provide residential and commercial arboreal services to Front Royal, VA, and the surrounding area. Our team consists of experienced hands, and each crew works with the latest and best equipment. Moreover, all employees receive Workers’ Comp while projects are covered by Liability Insurance. To learn more, visit our website and fill out our contact form.

Below, we outline the determinants of tree removal costs and explain when and why you should remove trees:

Timber Works’ Tree Removal Cost Factors

  • Tree size
    Our workers can choose between several methods of tree removal, but their choice will be influenced by the size of the tree. The traditional felling process works for many projects, but it becomes unreasonable for large trees near structures.

    In these scenarios, our team must conduct a climbing, bucket truck, or crane removal. Since all three require specialized equipment, they tend to run at a higher price than a felling. Nevertheless, they handle large projects safely and protect nearby structures.

  • Location
    If you want a tree removed from an open field, away from structures, then location will not drive up the project’s price. However, a tree in a dangerous spot – or near houses – increases liability. Thus, our team must factor that into the project’s pricing.

  • Health
    Also, we consider the status of the tree that you want removed – is it healthy and standing upright? Rotting and leaning at an angle? Or recently knocked down by a storm? These conditions affect the kind of equipment and work required, thereby affecting the price.

    We always recommend that customers consider having several trees removed at once. They may want to clear multiple storm-damaged trees or create an open space on their property. But no matter their reasoning, removing several trees in one go – rather than one in multiple sessions – can save a significant amount of money.

  • Diseases/Infestations
    Then, we consider whether the tree has an infestation or disease. If so, our arborists may still be able to save that tree through pruning – though that depends on the circumstances. Nevertheless, an infested or diseased tree should be removed or contained ASAP – before its problem spreads to others.

  • Additional services
    Tree removal entails more than bringing the trunk down – the remains must be disposed of. We can remove the tree trunk from your property with our equipment, and we chip tree limbs during the removal process. We also offer stump grinding and firewood production, though we add the extra service’s price onto the removal price.

Safe and Professional Tree Removal Service – Available in Front Royal, VA

When a tree becomes dangerous – or you’d simply like one cleared from your property – turn to Timber Works Tree Care. We offer the Front Royal, VA, region a variety of arboreal services, including professional tree removal services. Plus, we keep our pricing transparent, so rest assured that you will receive high-quality services at reasonable rates. To learn more about our options, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (540) 692-9606 today.

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