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As we approach the cooler months, you may be concerned about the trees on your property. Won’t they suffer from the cold? Are there any measures that will protect them? As it turns out, some autumn landscaping practices–including mulching, watering, wrapping, and more–can protect your trees against winter conditions. Reach out to your local tree service company for more information and support with protecting your trees.

Residents of Bristow, VA, and the surrounding area can turn to Timber Works Tree Care for all of their arboreal concerns. As the region’s most trusted professional tree service company, we provide outstanding service to all our customers. Our team offers tree removal, pruning, land clearing, stump grinding, forestry mulching, and more. Plus, we cover all employees with Workers’ Compensation and liability insurance

Below, we outline the tree services that protect against cold weather:


During winter, trees enter a dormant state (similar to animals’ hibernation) that helps them survive the harsh weather. In this condition, their growth and energy consumption slow, allowing trees to store energy and protect their health. Thus, fall care practices should encourage your trees’ natural response to the colder temperatures.

First, add a layer of composted organic mulch beneath your trees. Doing so creates a blanketing effect, helping the soil retain moisture and warmth. Moreover, we offer a convenient forestry mulching service that produces nutrient-rich mulch from overgrowth on your property.


The second fall tree care practice is watering to encourage growth and strength. Basic summer tree care calls for ample irrigation, but watering in the fall ensures your trees remain strong during the colder months. During the winter, you can water in mild weather to ease the season’s droughts. Nevertheless, avoid watering in freezing conditions.

Wrapping Trees

Another common fall tree care practice is wrapping trees with protective material. Doing so gives trees a protective layer against the elements, especially ice and snow, as well as protection from animal activity. However, each tree must receive the right kind of shield.

Focus your wrapping efforts on young trees. Recently-planted saplings should receive a plastic guard or cloth around their base to protect their tender roots. Wrap the more mature, yet still young, trees with commercial tree wrap or burlap up to their first branches. Make sure you remove the wraps and guards in the spring so the tree has room to grow.


Contact a professional arborist for pruning advice before you try pruning trees on your own. Different trees require different conditions for effective pruning, and if you do so at the wrong time, you can injure or even kill them.

With that said, proper pruning helps trees to flourish. It removes dead and decaying branches and allows more light to penetrate the canopy. Nevertheless, look into Timber Works’ tree trimming services for expert advice and results.

Professional and Dedicated Tree Service Company in Bristow, VA

While you enjoy the cool autumn weather, consider whether your trees are prepared for the winter. With the right precautions, they can lie dormant for the season then blossom in the spring. Call Timber Works Tree Care for all of your arboreal needs. We are a local tree service company that serves home and business owners throughout Bristow, VA. Whether you need tree removal, trimming, firewood, land clearing, or another service, we have you covered. Call us today at (540) 692-9606 or fill out our online form and get a free estimate!

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