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Given proper management and care, your trees can flourish during the summer months. But what practices qualify as such? Trees around Nokesville, VA, benefit most from suitable watering and pruning, mulching, and more. Happily, our professional tree care service offers all of these options. 

So, reach out to Timber Works Tree Care. An insured and trusted service provider, Timber Works aims to raise the bar for arboriculture professionals everywhere. Our team consists of experienced hands who approach every project as an opportunity for a long-term, professional relationship. We want to help your landscape flourish and provide information about the trees on your property. Contact us today and we’ll give you a free project estimate

Below, we discuss the best tree care advice for summertime: 

6 Tree Care Tips for the Summer

  • Mulching

If you neglected to put down fresh mulch this spring–or have never done so–you should begin with this step. A 3-5 inch layer of hardwood mulch, extending 1 or 2 feet around, supports healthy tree growth. It suppresses weeds, conserves the soil’s moisture, and stabilizes the ground. However, avoid mulching directly against a tree, as doing so fosters diseases and insects.

If you also want your land cleared of brush and/or deadwood, ask us about our forestry mulching service. Our land clearing equipment turns the unwanted biomass into nutrient-rich mulch, which supports the remaining trees. This way, you can knock out two tasks at once and create a beautiful landscape quicker.

  • Proper Irrigation

All plants–and life in general–need water to survive. But how trees receive their water determines how they grow. Indeed, you may need to water your trees during extended dry spells, especially young and newly planted ones. 

To do so, favor less-frequent but deep watering sessions to frequent, shallow ones. The former encourages deep root growth while the latter results in shallow, weak roots. Also, keep in mind that standard lawn irrigation cannot meet trees’ water needs—supplement it with deeper watering. A useful rule of thumb—for every inch of an established tree’s diameter, provide 10 gallons of water.

  • Fertilization

Depending on their environment, your trees may require fertilization. Trees in urban areas often struggle to receive necessary nutrients, and fertilizer can fill this gap. Rural trees can go without, but you should speak with a Timber Works arborist about your trees’ needs.

  • Pruning

While it may seem counterintuitive at first, pruning encourages strong tree growth. Oftentimes, arborists suggest doing so in the fall or winter; however, summer pruning can be useful too. Tree trimming can save you money by disposing of dead, diseased, or damaged branches.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you hire a professional pruning service. The process requires careful work and knowledge of proper tree growth. You do not want to chop off flowering branches or limbs that support the tree’s overall health.

  • Tree Inspections

As long as you meet their watering, mulching, and pruning needs, trees can be left to grow and flourish. However, you should inspect your trees daily for rot, diseases, and insect infestations, then call Timber Works if you spot any. 

We have created a guide of common problem signs for such issues so that you can remain vigilant. Early detection is crucial to saving trees from these dangers. With careful trimming and proper care, damaged trees can regrow.

  • Storm Damage Prevention

The tips offered here not only allow your trees to flourish but also prevent storms from damaging them. Pruning, inspections, and mulching create stronger trees, which are thus less susceptible to heavy winds and rain.

Nevertheless, you should still speak with an arborist about the dangers that storms present to your trees. Doing so can prevent the loss of both landscape features and significant property value. 

Year-Round Tree Care Available to Nokesville, VA, Residents

Given the right precautions and steps, your trees can grow strong and stand tall throughout the summer. Simply reach out to the Nokesville, VA, region’s top tree care service provider: Timber Works. We can help you maintain your landscape and property with best tree practices and education. Simply reach out to us today at (540) 692-9606 or fill out our online form to receive a free project estimate.

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