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Warrenton Tree Trimming

Our Warrenton Tree Service team offers trusted, experienced and affordable tree care & trimming.

Warrenton Tree Trimming  

At Timber Works Tree Care, our Warrenton Tree Trimming team provides customer-focused tree trimming services that help keep your property clean and safe. We have the pleasure of serving Warrenton and the greater northern Virginia area. We are skilled at our craft and a successful team who is firmly dedicated to two things: expert service and expert care. We treat every customer as we would ourselves and with over 35 years of combined tree service experience, our crew is able to provide quality, professional services that leave you with a great experience. Don’t risk feeling unsatisfied. Work with professionals who take your satisfaction seriously. Call today for a free consultation and estimate.

We Offer A Full Range of Tree Services:

Tree Removal   •   Land Clearing   •   Stump Grinding    •  Firewood    •  Forestry Mulching    •  Tree Trimming

Professional, Clean, and Quick Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming is a great way to keep your property in shape and looking sharp. Many homeowners, however, put off tree trimming because it’s too time consuming or to dangerous. That’s why hiring a professional, affordable tree trimming company is a solid solution, allowing you to have what you want while still doing what you want. Here are some common signs that you need tree trimming: lower branches are restricting movement, overgrowth, and dead or rotting branches.  Click here to learn more about common signs you need tree services. Emergency Tree Trimming When a tree branch is extending over your house about to fall and damage your property, looking up tree service companies and websites isn’t a fast or reliable solution. Put our number in your phone so when that tree outside that is worrying you begins to come down, we’ll be there.
Warrenton Tree Service Company
Warrenton Tree Service

Professional, Affordable Tree Trimming

If you aren’t looking for full on tree removal or if you are simply looking for tree maintenance, then tree trimming and pruning is right for you. Regular tree maintenance not only keeps your tree (and your house/car/etc) healthy, but it also adds beauty and value to your property. Our Warrenton Tree Service team helps homeowners keep their property safe and looking great.
Excellent service, professional and respectful. They will be our first choice for future tree service and I highly recommend Jack and his team.
Matthew Nicholson

Homeowner, Front Royal

Professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Jack and his team at Timber Works Tree Service.
Troy & Paula Haag

Homeowners, Front Royal

Warrenton Tree Service Resources

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Contact Your Warrenton Tree Removal Team

Warrenton Tree Service Experts
Timber Works Tree Care serves Warrenton Va and surrounding areas.

Our arborist certified Warrenton Tree Removal team holds itself to highest standards of professionalism, aiming for the complete satisfaction of everyone it serves. 

Timber Works Warrenton Virginia Tree Trimming crew focuses on trimming the tree for aesthetic and health purposes. We have trimmed all throughout Lakewood dr. along with Warrenton wineries and the Warrenton Walmart.

Our Warrenton Tree trimming crew focuses on minimizing cuts to save your tree. We push tree trimming in the Winter because it is best for your tree to prune/trim in the winter. This is because a tree is best trimmed when it is most dormant (i.e.. When it is cold). While most tree companies ignore this rule, Timber Works makes sure to always follow it. This is because our Warrenton trimming crew cares for the health of your trees and do not want them to be harmed or die after we leave.

Additionally, we follow ANSI-300 Pruning guidelines and will not stray from them. Companies who do not follow these guidelines end up hurting or even killing your tree.

If you need a tree trimmed in Warrenton Virginia, give Timber Works Tree Care a call.

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Here at Timber Works Tree Care, we care about our customers, your trees, and your property. Each job is a chance to show you our great attitudes, strong work ethic, and a desire to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations!

We treat every client and co-worker with respect and professionalism

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