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While removing unwanted trees without professional support might strike you as an economical alternative to hiring a tree care company, doing so poses many risks. Numerous factors can prove harmful to you and your property, resulting in serious injury to your person or damage to your property. You might even harm other trees nearby. So whether you want to remove a dead tree or save a dying one, contact a professional team to handle the project.

Timber Works Tree Care prides itself on being an efficient and careful tree removal company. Safety is always a priority among our trained and experienced crew members. Our skilled crews and experienced foremen operate in and near Manassas, VA, using the best safety gear and cutting-edge tools. For tree removal and more services, contact the tree care professionals at (540) 692-9606.

Equipment Risks

Even in experienced hands, tree removal equipment can be dangerous. Thus, amateur operators put themselves in grave danger by wielding a chainsaw or skid steer—in addition to the risks posed by the tree removal process.

Chainsaws can cause significant injury due to kickback, which occurs when the device unexpectedly bounces back toward the operator. Other equipment, such as bucket trucks and skid steers, can be just as dangerous when operated by inexperienced people. Even if you own personal safety equipment, leave tree removal equipment to the professionals.

Tree Health

Remove a Dead Tree Manassas VA

Another element that plays a significant part in tree removal safety is the tree’s condition. Removing a healthy tree is much different than removing a dead one, as tree disease or death can change how a tree falls or shifts. The causes of tree death are manifold, but the result is the same: a more unstable and unpredictable tree.

Tree rot can cause branches to fall unexpectedly during the job; root rot may induce complete tree collapse. Yet an experienced tree care professional can assess the tree’s condition and remove it accordingly.

Property Damage and Personal Injury

Remove a Dead Tree Manassas VA

Determining a tree’s center of gravity is trickier than it looks. If you misjudge the trajectory of a tree part, you could end up with substantial property damage, injury, or worse. Felling a large enough tree can damage pipes or utilities underneath or nearby. The worst-case scenarios involve trees falling on a house, car, or neighboring property. Make no mistake: solo, amateur tree removal comes with considerable risk to life and limb.

However, professional tree care companies are trained in removing trees and possess the necessary skills and knowledge to minimize the dangers. Timber Works’ team also has Workers’ Comp and Liability Insurance to ensure the client, property, and crew members are taken care of in case an accident occurs on a job.

Hire Professionals to Remove a Dead Tree on Your Manassas, VA, Property

All these factors, and more, inform our work at Timber Works—beyond just removing trees. Even trimming and pruning are dangerous when performed by amateurs. So, contact Timber Works Tree Care today to remove a dead tree and ensure all others thrive. Visit our website or call (540) 692-9606 for a free project estimate, tree removal, or any tree-related needs.

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