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When you need an affordable tree service ASAP, you may be tempted to use the cheapest option. However, unreliable and unlicensed service providers leverage people in such circumstances. These companies are more concerned with making a quick buck than delivering high-quality results or protecting your trees’ long-term health. So rather than jeopardize your property or home, turn to an established tree service team: Timber Works Tree Care.

Operating in Front Royal, VA, and the surrounding region, Timber Works raises the professional bar in our industry. Our cost-effective services include tree trimming, removal, emergency care, stump grinding, and forestry mulching. Call (540) 692-9606 for a free project estimate and learn how a high-quality, affordable tree service company can help you.

Below, we detail the value that high-quality tree services provide over the short- and long-term:


Low-priced services are not inherently a bad omen—everyone likes to save a buck when possible. But given the nature of the tree care industry, the cheapest service providers often cut corners or lack critical guardrails. For instance, poor-quality trimming may involve tree topping, wherein workers prune branches without regard for the tree’s structural integrity. This practice can stunt growth and undermine the tree’s health.

However, high-quality providers follow tree industry guidelines to deliver good service and positive outcomes. They also have extensive experience in their work, which helps them trim in all the right places. Plus, a local tree service will be familiar with best practices for native species.

Tree Health & Longevity

Every trimming or corrective service will affect trees’ growth and health. To work with no regard for the tree’s future can shorten that future. On the other hand, pruning with respect for that subsequent growth can help trees live longer. Indeed, arborists will also recognize and prune branches affected by tree decay to prevent the blight from killing the tree outright.

Training & Certifications

One of the most critical distinctions between low- and high-quality tree services is their training and certifications. As with other hazardous industries, proper tree care involves a great deal of safety training and equipment. Cheap tree companies may skip training and safety measures to cut costs; high-quality ones invest time and resources into this prep work.

Additionally, low-quality providers disregard training like ISA Certification and Credentials, which require completing at least two years of field experience and an exam. Yet Timber Works employees pursue them in pursuit of safer, better results. This experience gives team members greater confidence to diagnose problems and recommend solutions.

Top-Notch Equipment

Affordable Tree Service Front Royal VA

High-quality tree care providers also invest in the best equipment they can. While low-priced companies use the same equipment for many years to avoid expenses, Timber Works ensures it has the best-in-class gear to deliver exceptional results. Doing so allows us to offer fine-tuned service options such as bush hogging and forestry mulching.

Liability Insurance

Another critical distinction between low- and high-value tree services is their liability insurance coverage status. Liability-insured services have financial protection for worksite accidents—they can cover the cost of employee medical care should the need arise. Tree care companies lacking such coverage must instead pursue compensation from the property owner who hired them.

This outcome costs much more than the original service as well as a high-quality provider’s service. Just avoid this situation by reaching out to Timber Works for your tree care needs.

Long-Term Savings & Peace of Mind

Best of all, a high-quality tree care service can provide you with long-term savings and peace of mind. Again, proper tree maintenance ensures healthy growth and beautiful foliage. You won’t have to pay for corrective care in the long run nor worry about storm damage. Additionally, you never have to attempt tree removal yourself, which can result in injury and property damage.

Affordable Tree Service Available in Front Royal, VA!

Identifying a high-quality tree care company and investing in its services can save you significant money and effort in the long run. Timber Works Tree Care emphasizes customer service and outstanding results because the most affordable tree service providers are those that are best in their field. To learn more about our services in Front Royal, VA, or receive a free project estimate, call us at (540) 692-9606!

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