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Log Removal

Log Removal Services at Timber Works
Log removal services from Timber Works


What Is Log Removal?

When an individual or a team removes a tree by felling or other means, they end up with at least one log and other tree waste lying on the ground. A private landowner might try cleaning the wood alone, but a comprehensive tree removal provider can take the grounded trunks and branches from your property.

Timber Works Tree Care’s experienced crew—led by an expert foreman—offer log removal services both for trees we cut down and storm-damaged trees. Our professional arborists have the knowledge and equipment to carry out this task safely and without inconvenience to our customers.

How Log Removal Works

The tree removal process seems simple: cut down a tree, load its wood into a truck, and haul it away to dump elsewhere. Yet this description belies reality. Setting aside the means of removal, consider what happens to the green waste.

Thin deciduous branches, evergreen needles, and pinecones are often left to break down naturally in a yard or brush pile. Alternatively, tree care professionals transport them and larger detritus to a municipal compost area. However, trees removed in an area suffering from a disease or invasive species go to “marshaling yards,” where they can decompose without infecting other growths.

Pricing for log removal depends on whether the service is done singly or in addition to tree removal. Anyone with questions about how to proceed can contact the local tree removal experts at Timber Works.

The Importance of Log Removal

Log and tree removal services are crucial for many of the same reasons. For instance, disposing of tree-removal waste prevents the spread of invasive species. Even on the ground, logs and branches can still host insects and harmful diseases, threatening your landscape.

Removing downed trunks, branches, clippings, and detritus also makes your landscape safer. These obstructions can trip someone walking across your property or get caught in a lawnmower’s machinery. Moreover, dead tree materials are a dangerous fuel when wildfires strike.

Finally, removing tree debris and waste boosts your property value. Those who intend to sell land would do well to ensure it is clear of detritus, which looks messy. Timber Works’ land-clearing services incorporate log removal as well!

The Benefits of Log Removal


Log removal services from Timber Works

The entire tree removal process offers an opportunity for ethical green waste disposal. Yet log removal, in particular, can repurpose dead and rotting trees to support their local environment. For example, Rather than having tree trunks or branches transported to a compost pile, homeowners can request they be chipped for mulch or bucked for firewood.

Log removal also increases the curb appeal of land and home. Unsightly logs and branches detract from the appearance of a property and may become an eyesore. Removing them grants you visual appeal and more space to plant healthy trees.

Contact Timber Works Tree Care for all your tree and log removal needs. Tell us about your project, and we can offer you a free estimate today!

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