How to Determine What Tree Service Company to Use

Tree Care Service Northern Virginia

Hiring a tree service provider presents a daunting challenge: the numerous companies and their variety of services entail much searching to determine the best candidate. Moreover, how can someone with little industry knowledge recognize whether a company suits their needs? Conventional word-of-mouth recommendations, particular qualifications, and a careful approach can help you identify the best […]

Virginia Tree Diseases: Leaf Spot Diseases

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Leaf spot diseases are among the most widespread tree diseases in the US. Virtually all plant species are vulnerable to one or more strains. Although usually benign, leaf spot diseases still call for proper inspection and management, as severe cases could necessitate professional identification and tree removal by a tree care expert. Timber Works Tree […]

Nominations for Timber Works’ 2022 “Refer a Vet” Campaign are Now Open!

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An integral part of Timber Works Tree Care’s customer service ethos is respect for our nation’s brave servicemen and women. Indeed, we offer 10% off all services for veterans for this reason. We also host an annual “Refer a Veteran” Campaign, an initiative designed to further support veterans through complimentary tree services. Nominate a friend […]

Benefits of Forestry Mulching in the Winter

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A low-cost solution for clearing overgrown land, forestry mulching is also an organic way to protect and provide nutrients to trees. Yet mulching during the winter, in particular, is more efficient than at other times of the year. Mulching also improves the health of trees during the cold months. So, seek a professional forestry mulching […]

Invasive Plants Prevention Tips

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From cleaning off your clothes and pets of any seeds or pollen after a hike to being highly selective of where you get your plants and firewood from, there are many ways to prevent the devastating effects of invasive plants. One of the most effective ways to get rid of them is through professional forestry […]

Timber Works Tree Care Featured In What Matters Warren

What Matters Warren Feature

With winter fading and spring approaching, Beth Waller and Jen Avery from What Matters decided to get some tree care tips from local tree service expert, Jack Donohue of Timber Works Tree Care. Watch the interview featured in What Matters Warren:    Jack is the owner of Timber Works Tree Care, a Virginia Tree Service […]

Tips From A Stump Grinding Service

Stump Grinding Service

Have a stump that needs removing? While there are ways to remove a stump by yourself, a stump grinding service can make that job easier and save you tons of time and labor.

Firewood Delivery Tips

How Long Should I Season It

Are you looking for more firewood for the winter? Here are some things you should know about firewood delivery services!

May Tip of The Month: With weathers up and downs in May, watch your Oak trees for Sudden Oak Death. Learn More.